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IntuVision products are GPU-enabled, which lowers the hardware cost for deploying video analytics. This enablement also supports an increased number of cameras on equivalent CPU hardware. Additionally, these products can run video analytics on high-resolution video imagery without any special hardware. The company also provides a C-based SDK for both resellers and individual users. The SDK can be directly integrated into video applications, thereby helping customers build analytics-enabled applications as per their requirements. The company competently delivers its services to a diverse range of customers across multiple domains.

Intuvision has an expertise in providing high-end video analytics and surveillance solutions to efficiently address organizations security needs. The company is focused on enhancing its offerings through continuous investments in R&D initiatives, which has also helped the company to upgrade its portfolio. The company provides customized video analytics to end-users in both government and commercial domains. Intuvision has designed video analytics solutions for Face, Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic. Their solutions learn from real time scenes and objects with cutting-edge algorithms. They offers GPU acceleration which helps users to achieve maximum efficiency. The comprehensive set of event rules and integrations with 3rd party systems allow intuVision VA to meet the most challenging intelligent video requirements.

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