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iMovie USP

The iMovie video editing software is designed for users who have no expertise in video-editing and movie-making. Users can enhance their videos using the in-built special effects, themes, and filters. They can also add personal touches to their videos using customized tools such as cast names, trailers, and studio logos. iMovie Video Editing Software makes sharing finished projects extremely easy using iCloud Drive. Request iMovie Pricing to get more information.


iMovie video editing software launched and developed by Apple Inc. The software is supported on macOS and classic Mac OS and iOS platforms. iMovie is specifically targeted for the consumer market. With iMovie Video Editing Software, a simple collection of still images and videos can be transformed into visual stories. The videos can either be played on the users’ Apple devices, or they can be shared on different video-sharing platforms as well as social media platforms. The software supports three languages namely English, Dutch, and Turkish.

iMovie Pricing

iMovie pricing is such that it is available for free for both iOS and macOS users. The software has no pricing plans or subscription modules to choose from. For more details on advanced features and any personalized requirements, along with other iMovie pricing plans and offers users can contact the vendor directly.

iMovie Demo

iMovie is free of cost video-editing software, and hence there is no free trial available for users as such. Users can use the free version of this software to understand the features of this software in detail.


Video- Select and edit video clips on the timeline viewer. Use a range of visual effects such as the pan and zoom feature, color settings, create a cutaway or a split screen, etc. 

Audio- Access audio clips, reduce background noise on video clips, and adjust the audio levels on the iMovie software itself. Use an included sound effect, add a track from the iTunes library, or record a voice-over.

Keyboard Shortcuts- Navigate through the video footage easily with the help of keyboard shortcuts
Jump across frames, and mark the start and endpoints of a video

Sharing- Share the finished project on any platform like iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV. Save every project on the theatre and access it instantly

Trailers- Create professional movies by adding trailers with the help of available templates. Choose video clips from the movie and drop them into the timeline.


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iMovie Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Smooth interface”

The interface on iMovie is extremely user and beginner-friendly. It is highly intuitive and easy to navigate through, making the entire process stress-free.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“A wide range of effects”

For free software, iMovie provides an extensive range of effects for both video and audio. This includes adding titles, trailers, voiceovers and so on.
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