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DaVinci Resolve
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DaVinci Resolve USP

DaVinci Resolve video editing software 16 which is the latest version of the software is video-editing software that integrates video-editing, color correction, visual effects as well as audio effects in one place. On the platform, users can collaborate by uploading files into the cloud. Multiple creators and editors can work on the same file at the same time. Moreover, the introduction of the Cut page in the latest version helps streamline certain video-editing processes thus speeding up editors’ work. Request DaVinci Resolve Pricing to get more information.


DaVinci Resolve video-editing software is meant for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Originally created by da Vinci Systems, the software is presently developed by Blackmagic Design. There are two versions of the software: Studio version, meant for commercial purposes, and a free version simply named Resolve. The software is available in seven languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian. 

DaVinci Resolve Pricing

The pricing is in line with leading competitors in the video editing software market. While the pricing does not have a premium pack and is available absolutely free of cost, the studio 16 version is priced at Rs. 23,900. For more details on the best pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.

DaVinci Resolve Demo

The software has a free version for all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, the paid version does not offer a demo or a free trial.


Video Editing- Trim programs with different sources playing simultaneously in the background with the help of Multi-cam editing. Sync and switch different camera angles and add custom titles.

Color Correction- Enhance the copied, extracted, swapped or expanded imported nodes with an editor. Adjust the saturation and hue of an image with the help of HSL Curve.

Audio Effects- Smoothen the scrolling timeline with the Fixed Playhead. Access a range of audio plug-ins and select from the 1000 audio clips in the internal sound library database.

Visual Effects- Connect nodes easily in a flow chart style. Animate custom shapes and place images on top of each other.

Additional features for the Studio Version- Collaborate with fellow creators and editors in the team on the cloud-based platform called Frame.io Includes multiple GPUs, OpenFX plug-ins, HDR color grading, motion blur, 3D stereoscopic grading, and so on


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DaVinci Resolve
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DaVinci Resolve Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“A complete package”

It is a complete package when it comes to accessing a cost-effective post-production editing software.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Facilitates Standard Output”

The DaVinci Resolve software helps produce professional and standard video output with the help of a range of visual, color-correction and audio-effects.
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