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HitFilm Express
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HitFilm Express USP

HitFilm Express has a specialty that is an unlimited number of audio and video tracks can be added to a single timeline and trim them as per the requirements. With specialized effects, users can make films, business presentations, and gaming videos easily. Free to download, it is suitable for beginners and even professionals. Request HitFilm Express Pricing to get more information.


HitFilm Express Video Editing Software is one of the very few free video editing software available on the internet. It is stocked with high-quality VFX and professional editing tools. Not only does it help the user to create content with images and clips but it also allows the user to use audio files and soundtracks to add extra effects to the video. 

HitFilm Express Pricing

HitFilm Express pricing is in line with leading competitors in the video editing software market. The video editing software of HitFilm Express does not provide its users any free trial. Rather the user has to buy the software once for $299 without any other subscription fee for the next 12 months. HitFilm Express pricing includes free software updates and technical support. It can be run by 3 users simultaneously.

HitFilm Pro: $299 (one-time purchase without any subscription fee for 12 months)

HitFilm Express Demo

There is a demo available for HitFilm Express without any expiration date as such. But all the exports from the software will contain the watermark of the software. This demo is available on the website of HitFilm.


Colour grading- Allows to set up a cinematic edge to the video being made. It provides neon graphics and film grain to the content to increase the dramatic element of the film or the game.

Enhanced performance- Control the quality of the video easily and seamlessly from the menu. Make faster and crispier edits of the videos.

Personalizable workstations-
Access the collapsible panels required and adjust the interface accordingly. Save personal interfaces as default layout without losing any of it by mistake.

Combined timelines-
Switch easily from one tab to the other to make the work less complicated. Edit in multiple timelines at the same time without the help of any other software.

Intelligent search- Searches what the user is looking for to use as tools in the composite timelines. Recognizes links of keywords coming from other software systems.


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HitFilm Express
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HitFilm Express Reviews


James Smith

Apr 29, 2020

“Audio auto-sync”

This software has the capability to auto-sync voices recorded via different devices.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“All in one”

HitFilm Express is the only free video editing software that includes professional editing tools and visual effects at the same time with a wide range of editing tutorials.
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