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screenflow USP

ScreenFlow Video Editing software allows users to opt for multiple screens recording which allows people to place their thoughts in a synced manner. High-quality video recording allows viewers to stay engaged with the content thus gamers and vloggers find their narrative reach a wider audience. The timeline tool palette allows users to switch between cursors to navigate and select better. Request screenflow Pricing to get more information.


ScreenFlow Video Editing software offers users of macOS a way to record screen, and edit videos to highlight and annotate areas that will capture the audience’s attention. Users get access to premium and superior quality stock media libraries to enhance their videos. Educators, markets, and vloggers find the software useful and easy to use. They can get their points across better with the screencasting.

ScreenFlow Pricing

ScreenFlow pricing is in line with leading competitors in the video editing software market. It does not have any basic free software but they do offer a free trial for users to determine the purchase and the plans start at $125. There are three ScreenFlow pricing plans:

  • Standard - $125
  • Super Pak - $175
  • Super Pak + Premium Support - $209

ScreenFlow Demo

ScreenFlow Video Editing software offers a free trial for users to check the benefits and choose the plans that will suit their needs along with tutorials and other resources to help them understand the different features and functions better.


Improves Education- Engage the classroom to take an active part by providing an interesting way to learn and discuss technical aspects. Record and edit videos to curate the subject matter for an easy understanding of each student.

Improve Marketing- Create engaging content with screencasting to highlight the features of the product to make the audience understand features better. Record slides and incorporates highlights to create an impactful presentation for pitching. 

Professional Graphics- Incorporate animations and graphics to improve the readability of the content.  Include professional and unique texts and animations while making editing easier with powerful system tools.

Engaging and Informative- Add subtitles to videos as closed captions which can even be burned in ADA compliant subtitles. Publish videos directly across different and popular platforms without much hassle.

Streamlined Media Management- Organize and access media stored in the computer while editing in multitrack mode and nested clips.


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screenflow Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Easy screen recording and casting”

Recording a particular scene on the screen with audio output help people to make their content to be more comprehensive and interesting.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Easy to learn and master”

The UI and the various tutorials makes ScreenFlow easy to master so people can start working on their projects faster and perform better.
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