Company Overview
Aculab has an extensive range of gateways and media processing hardware and software products. The company has been working on telecom hardware and software to produce fully-featured products for meeting varied needs of telecom application developers and provides both paid and unpaid support options to its customers. The company has numerous voice and cloud based apps, such as appointment reminders, conferencing, IVR, contact center, click-to-call, and answering machine detection. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, the company takes customer satisfaction feedback, monitors performance measures, and performs programs of internal auditing. Further, it continuously upgrades its products to ensure adaptation to the emerging market trends.

Aculab researches, develops, and manufactures software for telecom related applications. It offers development APIs for voice, data, fax, speech, and SMS on hardware, software, and cloud-based platforms. It also provides professional services, such as training and consultancy services, to help its customers in onsite installation, onsite fault finding, equipment evaluation, benchmarking and testing, and customer application testing.

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  • Access Control and Authentication
  • Customer Service
  • Forensic Voice Analysis and Criminal Investigation
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