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Uniphore Software Voice Biometrics Solutions Reviews

  • Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
  • 2008
  • Below $10 MN
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Company Overview
Uniphore focuses on selling products rather than services. Uniphores competency in voice and data technologies help customers to authenticate themselves remotely using their unique voiceprints. Its solutions are infused with AI and machine learning technologies to drive faster and smarter product provisioning and configuration, and faster extraction of insights using advanced pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and automated Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The company has been rapidly expanding in high growth markets, such as APAC and North America, to broaden its customer base and further enhance the revenue.

Uniphore provides voice and data technologies to deliver transformational customer service across touchpoints. The company specializes in voice and data technologies for banking, insurance, retail, agriculture, healthcare, government, and education industries. It provides its solutions worldwide to more than 300 customers, comprising banks and telecom service providers. The company has direct as well as indirect sales network consisting of 2,000 resellers and developers. The companys speech technology has been recognized across the world, and it has received various awards for innovation and technical excellence.

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