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Fortinet constantly focuses on offering its customers new and technologically advanced products and services. Fortinet being a major player in the network security domain provides crucial solutions in the Wi-Fi analytics market as well. The Fortinet Presence Analytics solution gathers the dynamic data of consumers’ traffic patterns, which aid the retailers in creating marketing campaigns. This solution also associates and integrates store-captured data with cloud-sourced demographics, along with consumer behavioral data for real-time, location-based marketing to actively affect the customers and carry forward the in-store sales. Request FORTINET INC Pricing to get more information.


Fortinet provides FortiPresence, which offers presence and positioning analytics that collects data about real-time location trends, the total number of visitors, the amount of time spent in a store, comparison across stores, and heat maps, which provide an animated flow presentation. FortiPresence also provides customer engagement tools, which entail social Wi-Fi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor contact info, and wayfinding and related services. The company’s analytics solution provides visitor loyalty and dwell time, which would determine for exactly how long a consumer stays in the store. It provides walk-in conversion rates, which help convert a walk-by consumer into a walk-in consumer. The solution provides sales impact data, which is provided when a visitor data is correlated with sales; it helps retailers evaluate the level of influence a marketing campaign is able to create. The solution also provides campaign evaluation, with which the managers can rapidly evaluate their marketing campaigns to analyze the footfall, dwell time, and bounce rates across all the stores. With this data, the store owners can compare the store’s performance immediately after the campaign’s launch. The company has adopted both organic and inorganic strategies to sustain its growth in the Wi-Fi analytics market.
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