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Purple provides a cloud-based Wi-Fi software that enables businesses hosting the service to provide their customers with free access to a public Wi-Fi network through their existing social media accounts, and capture details of the customers and promote business. The company also offers deployment and support services. Its solution functions across sectors such as smart cities, retail and leisure, hospitality, health and education, travel and transport, telecoms, marketing, public sector and commercial, and event management. Request PURPLE Pricing to get more information.


In the Wi-Fi analytics space, Purple offers 3 solutions, namely, Location Analytics and Proximity Marketing, Analytics Pro, and Reports. The Location Analytics and Proximity Marketing software is integrated over Wi-Fi networks to understand how visitors move around a venue. The company also uses the geofencing technology to allow clients to create zones for specific areas in a venue, such as a new clothing range or food stall, to establish footfall journeys within a store for different customer segments. Analytics Pro visualizes the data presented, which is key to identifying and understanding customer and visitor trends. The company offers a cloud-based solution, which provides an understanding of physical spaces. Purple’s portal also provides customers with marketing tools, allowing them to take meaningful action based on demographic and behavioral data. The company achieves this through social engagement, location analytics, and a broad range of connectable data sources. These work together to provide clients with a detailed and multifaceted understanding of customers.


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