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Spoton Logistics Wi-Fi analytics software provides its users with insights into how people behave when they are on-site. Users find it one of the best solutions to express logistics. By using the Wi-Fi analytics software, the users can support timely, consistent and accurate service delivery to their target market. Spoton Logistics Wi-Fi analytics software is working great in more than two hundred locations and around twenty thousand pin codes. Request SpotOn Wifi Pricing to get more information.



● Automated tracking: The software helps in auto track all the shipments and sends regular updates.

● Analytics: The software is useful in analyzing delivery performance by tracking data. It helps users to take action on time.

● Notifications: The Wi-Fi analytics software engages its customers by offering delivery updates proactively.
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Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Nov 28, 2019

“Accurate analysis and worth the price”

Customers using Spoton Logistics Wi-Fi analytics software are getting accurate data analysis that helps them in improving performance by customizing their merchandise as per the customer needs. The price of the software is worth the services delivered.
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