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Yelp provides 3 main services: advertising, transactions, and other services, which are inclusive of subscription services and licensing payments for access. In the field of advertising services, the company permits businesses to deliver targeted search advertising to large local viewers with the help of the website and the mobile application. The company allows various businesses to create a free business account and claim the page of their business locations. Owing to these free accounts, businesses can view various trends, such as the performance of their page over the platform and statistics. It uses the Revenue Estimator Tool for evaluating the revenue chances provided by Yelp. The transaction services provided by the company offer a variety of features and user-friendly tools to simplify the transactions between local businesses and consumers. The company offers restaurants and other venues with the ability to provide reservation online from the listing pages present in the Yelp Reservation product. In the Wi-Fi analytics space, Yelp offers 3 solutions, namely, Insights, Campaigns, and Social Wi-Fi. Insights keeps a note of the number of customers in the business by automatically providing valuable data about the visit tendencies of the customer, which includes the busiest times of the day, visit frequency, and customer demographics. Campaigns is used to automate the store’s marketing by carrying out marketing campaigns, and Social Wi-Fi develops easy Wi-Fi access for customers and advertises the store products on the login page. It then obtains the email IDs or contact numbers of all the customers who have accessed the store Wi-Fi, which are then used for creating automated email campaigns to gain a high number of repeat customers. Request YELP INC Pricing to get more information.


The company operates a platform that connects consumers with local businesses in the US, Canada, and internationally. The company’s platform covers various local business categories, including restaurants, shopping, beauty and fitness, arts, entertainment and events, home and local services, health, nightlife, travel and hotel, and cabs. It provides free and paid advertising products to businesses, as well as enables businesses to deliver targeted search advertising to local audiences through its website and mobile application, and business listing products. The company’s Yelp platform enables consumers to order flowers, purchase event tickets, and book spa and salon appointments. In addition, it offers Yelp Deals that allow local business owners to create promotional discounted deals for their products and services, and Gift Certificate products for local business owners to sell full-price gift certificates directly to customers through their business listing pages. Further, the company provides other services comprising Yelp Reservations for restaurants, nightclubs, and other venues with the ability to offer online reservations directly from their Yelp business listing pages; and Yelp Waitlist, a subscription-based waitlist management solution that allows consumers to check wait times and join waitlists remotely, as well as businesses to manage seating and server rotation. Its other services include Yelp WiFi Marketing product for businesses to create on-premises Wi-Fi access for customers and advertise products on the Wi-Fi log-in page, as well as collect contact and social media information from customers.


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