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Cinema 4D Animation Software
Friedrichsdorf, Germany
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Cinema 4D Animation Software USP

Cinema 4D Animation Software interface is intuitive and simple to understand even for beginners. The system is well tested and stable and can be utilized without fear of hang-ups. It includes a robust help platform and integrated software documentation that enables users to quickly find answers to their queries.

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Cinema 4D Animation Software is a robust yet simple to learn and use animation solution for both seasoned 3D artists as well as newbies. The software offers a wide array of features and tools to help users swiftly achieve amazing results. It is a widely used motion graphic, animation, and 3D modeling software solution. It provides creative users with the needed features to produce attractive 3D graphics. It is a reliable platform that is ideal for fast-paced and demanding 3D creation.

Cinema 4D Pricing

The pricing includes both monthly and annual subscription options. Here is the pricing model:

  1. Monthly Plan - ₹8,728.04/month/user
  2. Annual Plan - ₹5,133.85/month/user
  3. Redshift Monthly Plan - ₹10,782.23/month/user
  4. Redshift Annual Plan - ₹7,187.81/month/user
  5. Perpetual Plan - ₹2,97,823.10 billed once for a single user

Note: Pricing is based on the Euro exchange rate and includes VAT.

Cinema 4D Demo

The software offers a 14-day trial license that can be downloaded and used on PC as well as Mac systems. Users can leverage this opportunity to check if the software’s features fit their needs before investing in a paid plan. There is no mention of a demo on the product website.


  • Modeling
  • Make use of polygon modeling, parametric modeling, sculpting, and volume modeling tools
  • Leverage the modeling functions to craft anything from creatures to cars

  • Texturing
  • Utilize materials/shaders, node-based materials, and 3D painting tools
  • Use the BodyPaint 3D sculpting capabilities to convert a basic object into comprehensive artwork

  • Animation
  • Develop professional 3D animation using intuitive functionalities
  • Keyframe any tag, material, or object parameter just by clicking their respective circle

  • Rendering
  • Get attractive and fast results with render options and features like multi-core technology, hyperthreading, multiple processors, and linear workflow
  • Layer elements with 3D and 2D assets using object-based alpha channels


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Cinema 4D Animation Software
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Cinema 4D Animation Software Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 20, 2020

“Friendly Application”

Cinema 4D is a simple-to-use program for rendering, animation, and 3D modeling. It helps to improve users’ artistic skills. Highly user-friendly working environment.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

May 20, 2020

“Effective Platform for Motion Design”

Cinema 4D offers an efficient user interface and facilitates effortless rendering of dynamic simulations. A great platform for animators and illustrators.
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