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Nina Virtual Assistants
Massachusetts, US
$1BN to $5BN
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Nina Virtual Assistants USP

Nuance provides innovative, flexible, and customized virtual assistants or bot platforms for enterprise customers. The company’s Nina is an intelligent virtual assistant platform, through which customers can interact with businesses or enterprises. It allows businesses to engage with their clients in a more efficient way for better customer experience. Request Nina Virtual Assistants Pricing to get more information.


Nina features a range of functionalities, such as analytics, NLP, NLU, tooling, and cognitive technologies, along with integrated security. It understands conversations based on previously analyzed queries and helps enterprises deliver a superior customer experience. Nina allows customers to interact with business applications very easily and quickly using natural language conversation. Nuance’s virtual assistant also provides a Nina ID, which has the capability to recognize customers using biometric voice recognition. Nuance also offers products, such as live chat, Nina ID, and customer service messaging. Furthermore, the company’s Nuance IVR to digital is an innovative solution for call centers that allows customers to interact with a virtual assistant and engage in a live chat, instead of handling traditional phone calls. Functionally, the Nina virtual assistant is best suited for large enterprises, in terms of data privacy, security, and system integration. Nuance also provides professional services for its customers, including business consulting, application service, system integration, and support services.


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Nina Virtual Assistants
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Nina Virtual Assistants Presence in Bot Platform Software
Nuance provides innovations, flexible technology, and industry leading solutions and services to its customers and partners. The company has a dedicated team of approximately 1,800 language scientists, engineers, and developers, to continuously focus on its core technology and advancement of its product portfolio in order to meet the customers’ dynamic demand. The company has a global presence with offices located in the Americas, Europe, APAC, and the Middle East. Through various partnerships and acquisitions, Nuance has continuously discovered various opportunities to expand its business, customer base, distribution network, and geographical presence. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio for the bot services market, which includes virtual assistant, live chat, Nina ID, and IVR to digital solution. Nuance’s strong R&D cell, with 13% of its annual revenue being spent on innovation, has been a major growth driver for the company. In 2016, the company acquired TouchCommerce to strengthen its enterprise business solution, which helped broaden its expertise in the bot ecosystem. Nuance has regional offices in 45 countries and a sales force in more than 77 countries. It has a global presence in the US, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The company uses advanced algorithms and analytics to change the way people interact with technology and information. Nuance sells its solutions through its direct distribution channels, eCommerce website, system integrators, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), value added resellers, and distributors.
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