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MICROSOFT Cloud Field Service Management


MICROSOFT Cloud Field Service Management offers innovative and upgraded product offerings. Post acquiring FieldOne and Parature, in November 2015, Microsoft announced the launch of Dynamics CRM 2016, which is the updated version of the company’s CRM software for field services. The new version offers updated functionalities, including interactive service hub, native knowledge management, and surveys that help enterprises gain insights into customer activities using FieldOne’s technology capabilities. Moreover, MICROSOFT Cloud Field Service Management leverages the capabilities of the Azure cloud platform to provide enhanced and efficient cloud field services to its clients. To cater to the demands of its diverse clientele, the company spent USD 11,988.0 million on R&D in 2016.


Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is a globally renowned solution for FSM. The company strongly follows the strategy of keeping its customers updated about the new launches and offerings. MICROSOFT Cloud Field Service Management provides updates on the evolving market trends, such as progressions in field service automation and management.

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MICROSOFT CORPORATION Presence in Cloud Field Service Management
Microsoft focuses on inorganic growth strategies to enhance its product portfolio and expand its customer base globally. This is evident from the company’s collaboration, partnership, and acquisitions of leading organizations, such as Adobe, Adxstudio, FieldOne Systems, and Halliburton. Microsoft strategically focuses on building a strong customer base in the emerging markets as a key part of its international growth strategy. For instance, the company acquired FieldOne Systems to provide its clients predictive analytics capability with the help of Cortana Analytics and Azure IoT. The company is also focused on expanding its customer engagement solution capabilities by collaborating and partnering with emerging market vendors. For instance, in August 2017, Microsoft and Halliburton collaborated to transform the oil and gas industry through digitalization. As per the collaboration, Halliburton would provide DecisionSpace 365 on the Azure platform, which would offer real-time data streaming from interconnected mobile devices in oilfields and deliver deep learning capability for optimized drilling and production, thereby leading to reduced costs for customers.


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