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Alessa USP

The primary USP of Alessa lies in its ability to proactively detect high-risk exchanges and other suspicious activities, take informed action against the offender, create an auditable trail and preserve revenues. It achieves its objective by flagging possible violations, identifying dubious data sources, continuously supervising internal controls, and immediately blocking doubtful transactions. 

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Alessa is a compliance and fraud prevention software, currently being used in over 20 countries in sectors like banking, money service businesses (MSBs), insurance, gaming, manufacturing, fintech, retail, multi-national, education and gambling franchises. It seamlessly integrates into day-to-day business activities, organizes investigations and suggests suitable remedies for early detection of high-risk entities. 

Alessa Pricing:

Alessa Pricing is not explicitly mentioned on their website or elsewhere, as it is decided with respect to the entity’s needs and business models. A company may contact Alessa customer service team directly for a demonstration, price quote, and further negotiations regarding the product.

Alessa Compliance Software Demo:

Alessa compliance software can be contacted via phone, social media, or email for demonstrations and Alessa Pricing. Industries can also register on their official website, and fill in their queries in the form provided. They have a free newsletter service that keeps the company abreast of Alessa products and industry trends. 

Alessa Compliance Software Features:

Here are some of its key features:

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities
    • Conducts real-time due diligence and generates reports automatically

    • Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for detailed analytics like crime detection

    • Auto-populates currency transaction reports (CTRs) and suspicious activity reports (SARs)

  • Monitors transactions
    • Uses batch screening technologies to identify potentially fraudulent items

    • Realistically assesses risk by analyzing past activities and takes decisions in accordance with past actions of the company 

  • Screens sanctions before approval
    • Allows users to run on-demand screening of clients by entering their information

    • Configures workflows and case management tools for investigations

    • Assess user-client relationships and client credentials 

  • Manages procurement
    • Prevents abuse of resources using anti-bribery and anti-corruption modules

    • Averts illegal, duplicate and erroneous payments via purchasing cards (p-cards) monitoring 

    • Calculates and regulates travel and entertainment expenses of the employees


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Alessa Reviews


James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Approved and varied services”

Alessa offers wide applicability, but at the same time customizes perfectly according to the category and scale of the company. It also works under multiple financial jurisdictions like FinCEN and FINTRAC.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 06, 2020

“Considerably reduces risk and provides time-saving solutions”

Alessa proves its worth by decreasing repetitive tasks, reducing false-positives, mechanizing pre-existing processes and conducting periodic checks. The addition to company profits outweigh the Alessa Pricing.
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