Cybersecurity Software in Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities industry vertical are inclusive of producers and sellers of energy such as fuel extractors, manufacturers, refining and distribution companies, as well as the power generating and selling companies. The rapid adoption of innovative technologies in the energy and utilities industry vertical is speedily decreasing costs and becoming ubiquitous enabling more flexible and efficient consumption of electricity improving the visibility of the network use and enhancing the control of the power systems. These technologies are being deployed by this industry vertical aiming to improve power systems, increase the use of variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy minimize the pollution as a part of the global climate change mitigation efforts and enhance interconnectedness of electricity grids and other critical infrastructure such as natural gas networks. Various regulatory compliances such as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Electric Reliability Organizations (ERO), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and other regulate the security of the energy and utilities industry vertical. Cybersecurity solutions help the energy and utilities industry vertical to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate potential cyber threats. This industry vertical has deployed internet-based applications and services and integrated IoT technologies in its business. This digitalization has led to the generation of huge consumer sensitive data. Furthermore, it is becoming a big challenge for the energy and utilities organizations to prevent their data from network vulnerabilities. Hence these organizations are expected to adopt cybersecurity solutions and services to keep their information safe and secure.


7 companies offering Cybersecurity Software in Energy and Utilities were analyzed, shortlisted and categorized on a quadrant under Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies.

IBM, Cisco, HPE, McAfee and Trend Mirco have been identified as visionary leaders as they have established product portfolios and a robust market presence and business strategy.

Check Point Software and Logrhythm have been identified as innovators as these vendors have a very focused product portfolio. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business.

Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include breadth of offering, delivery, features/functionality, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


Visionary Leaders generally receive high scores for most evaluation criteria. They provide mature and reputable mobile cybersecurity solutions. They also have strong business strategies. IBM, Cisco, HPE, McAfee and Trend Mirco are the leading players in the cybersecurity software market and are recognized as leaders. These vendors are making their presence felt by offering services that are required by most organizations.


Innovators demonstrate substantial product innovation as compared to their competitors. They have a very focused portfolio of cybersecurity software solutions and the potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth to be at par with the leaders. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business. Check Point Software, and Logrhythm are recognized as innovators. Innovators have been at the forefront in deploying their services based on the clients’ custom software requirements for the niche market.


Dynamic Differentiators are established vendors with very strong business strategies. However, they are low in the product portfolio. They generally focus on a specific type of technology related to the product.


Emerging Companies are specialized in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. They do not have very strong business strategies as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some more time before gaining significant market traction.

Cybersecurity Software in Energy and Utilities Quadrant

Comparing 31 vendors in Cybersecurity Software across 130 criteria.

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Cybersecurity Software tools.
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
    • Licenses
    • Security Type
      • Network 
      • Endpoint 
      • Application 
      • Cloud 
    • Products/Solutions Offered
      • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
      • Risk and Compliance Management 
      • Encryption 
      • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
      • Firewall 
      • Antivirus/Antimalware 
      • Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
      • Security and Vulnerability Management 
      • Disaster Recovery 
      • Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation (DDoS)
      • SIEM
    • Add-on Product/Solutions
      • Others
  • Product Features and Functionality
    • Services
      • Professional Services
      • Managed Services
    • Professional Services
      • Consulting
      • Support and Maintenance
      • Training and Education
      • Risk & Threat Assessment
  • Delivery
    • End Users
      • System Administrator
      • Others, Please Specify
    • Deployment Model
      • On-Premises
      • Cloud
    • Delivery Mode for Client Location
      • Full Time Equivalent
      • Subscription / Licensing
    • Channel of Delivery
      • Directly
  • Support and Services
    • Level of Support
    • Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
    • Pre Sales Support
      • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
      • Product Demos
      • Proof of Concept
      • Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
    • Channel for Delivery of Support Services
      • On-Site Support
      • Remote Support


  • 1

    IBM have category-wise product offerings such as endpoint protection, network protection, mainframe security, application security, data security, security intelligence and operations, advanced fraud detection, cloud, and mobile security and IAM.IBM Identity and access management services help in protecting an organization from breaches, enabling productivity and competitiveness, and achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. It helps in increasing the maturity of the program with identity and access management services from IBM Security. IBM solutions help in detecting and stopping advanced threats. It automates threat detection and response across the enterprise. IBM monitors and enforces compliance to meet industry standards and security policies. IBM security services enable to activate global intelligence, innovates without introducing risk, and matures with the program over time.

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    • Enterprise
    • New York, USA
    • Founded: 1911
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 2

    HPE security protects digital assets with reassurance from the HPE risk management and digital protection service. HPE offers a different product such as security management, threat, and vulnerability defense. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), security monitoring, data encryption, and key management, and data protection products included in the security management category. HPE security services provide comprehensive, redundant protection that guides servers and data from threats that exist and threats for the future. Its security risk management workshops, assessments, architecture, design and integration services accelerate digital transformation. HPE addresses vulnerabilities in applications and connection and builds security and compliance into the business.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 2015
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 50,001 to 75,000
  • 3

    McAfee is well known for providing security solutions and services to a wide range of customers across diverse industry verticals. The company’s strong portfolio of solutions and services, and the ability to serve a wide customer base have helped the company build a strong customer base across multiple regions. McAfee’s innovative offerings make it one of the most trusted and deployed solution providers in the market. Its key strategy in the cybersecurity market is to develop business-specific, cybersecurity solutions and services according to the current scenario of evolving vulnerabilities. It plans to develop new business models and integrate multi-application solutions as a part of its future strategy. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its presence and strengthen its market position by adopting effective partnership strategies. For instance, in December 2018, McAfee partnered with Swimlane to accelerate the development of interoperable security products, simplify product integration within complex customer environments, and provide protection against advanced cyber threats. Furthermore, in April 2018, the company partnered with IBM to integrate IBM Resilient IRP with DXL for providing better protection through automation and intelligence sharing. In September 2016, TPG acquired 51%, a majority stake of McAfee (Intel), with Intel keeping the remaining 49% share. Both TPG and Intel spun off McAfee, and the security firm is now operating as an independent company with its headquarters in California, US.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1968
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 4

    Cisco offers products for a different category such as networking, wireless and mobility, security, collaboration, data center, analytics, video, IoT, and software. Security technology helps IT by simplifying security complexity. Small and mid-sized businesses use networking products of Cisco that secure the organization network architecture, manage connected devices, and make business decisions faster.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1984
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 50,001 to 75,000
  • 5

    Trend Micro have product offerings for business and for home. Under business category, the company offers solutions for ransomware, Linux servers, compliance, cloud, healthcare, point-of-sale, and end-of-support systems. User protection product category provides information on any devices from unauthenticated access.

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    • Enterprise
  • 6

    Check Point is one of the renowned security software solution vendors. The company is actively focused on providing advanced security solutions for web, data, endpoints, and mobile devices. The cybersecurity solutions offered by Check Point help customers enhance the security layers of external and internal networks. The company’s prime strategy is to upgrade software, adopt innovative technologies, and enhance new products to improve its market positioning. The company provides security offerings that include security management, cloud security, endpoint security, data security, Unified Threat Management (UTM), mobile threat prevention, and network security. The company delivers IT services and security solutions, globally. Moreover, it is a provider of complete security architecture for protecting SMEs and large enterprises from ransomware, malware, and other types of sophisticated fifth generation cyber-attacks.

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    • Enterprise
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Founded: 1993
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 1,001 to 5,000
  • 7

    Logrhythm built a platform to seamlessly scale with organization and help detects and responds to threats faster than ever before. The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform eliminates blind spots across the enterprise, providing visibility into IT and OT environments. Logrhythm Next-generation solutions plots modern security teams need by improving collaboration and effectiveness through automation and defined processes. They provide a unified user experience that drives highly efficient workflows, offers real-time visibility into endpoints, and produces assessable results. Logrhythm end-to-end platform helps in detecting threats early in the threat lifecycle. One is able to see broadly and deeply across the IT environment and quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents. LogRhythm helps in achieving goals and realize a rapid return on investment.

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    • Startup
    • 101 to 500


Looking for Cybersecurity Software? Get help
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
#25 in Cybersecurity Software

“Integrated security platform "

It is a complete, shared security platform that comprises SecureSphere Web, Database and File Security. It is very well scales to meet the data center security demands of even the largest organizations.
Chief Product Manager,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Manager, Company Name Classified
#25 in Cybersecurity Software

“HTTP Protocol, Platform, and XML Protection"

SecureSphere applies HTTP standards compliance to stop protocol exploits and evasion techniques. It protect the entire application infrastructure including applications and web server software. Flexible, automated XML security policies protect web services, SOAP, HTML 5 Web Sockets and Web 2.0 applications.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
#25 in Cybersecurity Software

“Granular Correlation Policies Reduce False Positives"

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4
One of the best feature SecureSphere offers is it differentiates threats from uncommon, but real, behaviour by relating web requests across security layers and over time. SecureSphere relate Attack Validation capability inspects various characteristics such as HTTP protocol conformance, profile violations, signatures, special characters, and user reputation, to exactly alert on or block threat with the lowest rate of false positives in the industry.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
#25 in Cybersecurity Software

“Customizable Reports for Compliance and Forensics"

(*)( )( )( )( )1
SecureSphere provides rich graphical reporting capabilities that allow customers to easily understand security status and meet regulatory compliance. SecureSphere offers both pre-defined and fully-customizable reports that rapidly assess security status and streamline demonstration of compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and FISMA and other compliance standards.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
#25 in Cybersecurity Software

“Out-of-the-box SIEM Integration"

(*)(*)( )( )( )2
I really liked the integration of SecureSphere WAF with most of the leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems such as Splunk, ArcSight, RSA enVision and others. SecureSphere WAF events in any SIEM are automatically indexed and are easily searchable for fast incident response. SecureSphere WAF transfers events as syslog messages in Common Event Format (CEF) and JSON format.

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