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Kissmetrics USP

Kissmetrics Data Analysis Software keeps track of every single behavior of the user/customer even prior to their signing up. This helps to comprehend the origin and the behavior of the user and also the reason behind their conversion into a customer. The software helps to simplify the data that is needed by an entrepreneur in order to improve the marketing strategies of the company.

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Kissmetrics Data Analysis Software is an analytical tool that helps an individual to develop a clear and accurate understanding of their business and improve the metrics that run their business online. In other words, it helps to simplify the data that is needed by an entrepreneur in order to improve the marketing strategies of the company. Kissmetrics is a renowned tool for swift recording.

Kissmetrics Pricing

A free trial is available only after registering with the website. Apart from this, the vendor provides 3 distinguished plans viz. Silver, gold and platinum. The Kissmetrics pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Silver: INR 15,276 billed monthly or 2,07,188 billed annually: Tracks up to 25K users with custom technical implementation and 3 user seats.
  2. Gold: INR 26,791 billed monthly or 3,22,336 billed annually: Tracks up to 100K users with custom technical implementation and 10 user seats.
  3. Platinum, that is Custom Kissmetrics Pricing: Price depends on the client’s requirements. Includes additional features such as SQL reports, power reports, A/B testing reports, etc.


Kissmetrics Demo

Schedule a free demo by logging-in onto the official website of Kissmetrics Data Analysis Software.  Basic level information to be filled and the sales team contacts for further explaining the product and understanding user requirements.


  • Web Analytics
  • It helps in analyzing, collecting data, and measuring the web report to understand and determine the web usage.
  • Includes conversion tracking, keyword tracking, page view tracking, user Interactions, campaign management, goal tracking, etc
  • Mapping Customer’s Journey
  • Records and keeps track of the customer’s journey on the web page.
  • Analyze customer’s experience, behavior, and engagement on the websites
  • It helps to collect customer data and build profiles.
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Studies marketing dynamics by keeping track of various campaigns, return on investments, website performance, etc.
  • Provides facilities such as A/B testing, dashboard, channel attribution, social media metrics to enhance the quality of one’s online business.
  • Data Analysis
  • It helps examine, purging, and modeling data with an aim to discover useful data and visualizing it, so that it could help to predict marketing operations.
  • Comprises of additional features that allow building a statistical model and perform a regression analysis.



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    One-Time Purchase
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    Calculated Fields
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    Data Column Filtering

Kissmetrics Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Simple sales funnel analytics”

The analytics provided by the platform are easy to understand and thus do not require knowledge of high-end technology. It contains the added feature of compatibility that makes it’s working across various devices a smooth task.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Provides great Insights”

The tool helps in generating data-driven insights that help small and large businesses alike. The insights also help in devising future goals for the business that aligns with a long term strategy.
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