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Ohana is a platform that provides solutions to almost all the internal problems of an organization. One of the biggest issues that companies face these days is to keep their employees engaged. Ohana provides the user with features that have improved communications significantly between employees and remote workers.

Ohana allows the user to amplify the workplace culture for better outcomes.

Ohana Features

  • Interaction
  • Enables easy communication amongst colleagues and teams, leading to meaningful interactions
  • Forges deep personal connections by promoting open communication and creating engagement at every level

  • Knowledge
  • Provides the employees with necessary transparency which avoids them from feeling disengaged and unproductive
  • Provides the user with the most effective communication techniques proving to be relevant to the employees on an individual level

  • Sharing
  • Allows the user to encourage individual ideas and create awareness among employees
  • Provides a medium for every employee to be heard, allowing a thriving workplace environment

  • Experience
  • Creates standards for employees by providing them with day-to-day commitments
  • Creates a healthy and competitive environment internally to enrich the work-life in the organization

Ohana Pricing

As per the Ohana Pricing schemes, general contracts cost $5 per user, billed monthly. However, considering other factors such as the size of the company, profit-margin of the company, and other such factors, Ohana Pricing schemes provide reasonable discounts to certain users.

Ohana Demo

The developers provide a free demo of the software to the users. The demo can be accessed by visiting the official website of the software. One can see the option ‘Request a Demo’ upon opening the home page of the website. Users get the option to access a personalized demo from the communications and engagement specialists after providing some basic details such as name and eMail address of the company.


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Ohana Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“Problem Solver Platform”

Ohana is a platform that is known for solving problems related to most of the internal matters of the organization in a very organized and systematic way, within no time.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Virtual Space for Interaction”

Ohana provides a virtual space for the employees where they could engage more with the company, regardless of the time and place of the work.
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