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IBM Maximo
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IBM Maximo USP

Not only does IBM Maximo provide management of assets, but it manages the treaties, work and services as well. The near real-time visibility gives access to your assets with 24/7 information. Reducing the unplanned downtime and increasing the operational efficiency, Maximo has made it far in the USP list. Request IBM Maximo Pricing to get more information.


As the name suggests, Maximo is indeed one of the greatest extensive asset management software. Released by IBM in 2005, Maximo gives a future vision of where your business stands. It inputs all your wealth and sources of wealth helping you to improve your affluence.

It provides checking of CRM activities, managing the government liaisoning, moderating your capital expenditure, altering costs etc. This cell phone ready software can store all your work structures and agreements for a lifetime.

IBM Maximo Features

The features of IBM Maximo are:

  • Overseeing the health
    • Keeping an eye on your assets instantaneously.
    • Suggests suitable measures to refurbish your assets from time to time.
  • IoT and Watson IoT Manifesto
    • Gives a unique identification by connecting all the assets.
    • Compiles all former and present data to keep tabs of possible successes and failures.
  • Interminable access
    • The Anywhere feature of IBM Maximo enables you to access 24/7.
    • You can easily get acquainted with all your work orders and other information in a jiffy.
  • Maximo scheduler plus
    • Manage your customers, project meetings, freighting of work and much more.
    • Sanction and configure the weather report for a better next meeting plan.

IBM Maximo Pricing

IBM Maximo pricing starts at $164.00 per user. Although they don’t have a free version, they do offer a free trial. The IBM Maximo pricing for SaaS Dedicated and Maximo On-Prem are not revealed openly. To know more about the IBM Maximo pricing details you can always get in touch with the sales team via call, email or text.

IBM Maximo Demo

IBM Maximo pricing provides a free trial; however, it may not reflect the current application functionality accurately. All of your data input would be reviewed as temporary. On top of that, the database of IBM demo is refreshed weekly. You can always have an insight into how the actual software works by taking up a trial version.

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IBM Maximo
68 Buyers Negotiating
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 11, 2020

“Reliable Tracker”

Although the software can be a little user friendly, it’s the ability to keep check of the equipment in real-time. It is beneficial for all.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 11, 2020

“Trustworthy Reputation”

People rely heavily on IBM’s Maximo because of it being the primary work source for many.
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IBM Maximo Presence in Enterprise Asset Management Software
IBM focuses on organic growth such as product launches and expansion. For instance, in April 2015, the global IT giant opened an office in Kuwait to expand its presence in the Middle East. The company continues to invest in long-term opportunities in key growth regions such as India, China, Eastern Europe, MEA, and Latin America to broaden its product and services portfolio. IBM has successfully undergone strategic alliances and has developed new products to cater to the EAM market. IBM Maximo serves a wide clientele ranging from small organizations to large enterprises. IBM’s Enterprise Asset Management software provides real-time visibility into asset use, which helps in improving ROA and in widening functions across multiple sites. The company’s focus is on developing data analyzing and data handling software to serve rising customer demands. One-third of IBM’s research spending is focused on data, analytics, and cognitive computing. With a wide range of EAM solutions, IBM has established a strong presence in the EAM market.
68 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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