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Aptean Axis ERP Systems is the sole enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution created from scratch to meet the functional and serviceable needs of metal, wire and cable manufacturers, processors, and service centers. It was built to meet the particular needs of the metal industry, but it also permits you to adjust and modify the solution for particular tasks. APTEAN focuses on the development, implementation and integration of our Axis ERP; family of application software system products for producers, manufacturers and repair centers in our target industries. Axis ERP Systems can still support your industry best practices as its instructions are directed by the World Health Organization Region Unit Corporation within our customers, major metals, wire and cable industries.

Axis ERP Pricing

Axis ERP Pricing has not provided evaluation information for this product or service. This may be common for software system vendors and repair suppliers. Thus, the Axis ERP Pricing depends on the business requirements.

Axis ERP Demo

Axis offers a free demo with the ERP package or for all its versions on the Cyberspace data processor like pictures and videos to introduce users to all their functionalities at intervals.


Integrated Value Management
  • Helps analysts and managers determine price drivers and improve operational processes
  • Mechanically calculates the correct product prices and gives supported versions to a variety of actual production reports and content applications
Collectible Accounts
  • Improves income by providing support for complete order-to-payment business processes
  • Cuts down the manual effort required to spot errors and respond to ever-changing external factors, using options such as automatic 3-way invoice matching and baggage evaluation
  • Provides management with a transparent lesson of business performance while reducing clerical effort and advancing the completion method
  • Periods of posting from operational systems to posting capabilities, account activity statements, in-depth monetary and report tools, budgeting, consolidation, and more
Advanced Monetary
  • Analysis capabilities, accessible with Axis ERP BI, facilitate monetary managers to gain insight into the small print behind monetary statements.


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Buyer Insurance

Apr 23, 2020

“Technical Services”

To assist you in tasks such as integration, extension development and system performance calibration as required. The pricing model is also quite convenient.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 23, 2020

“Industry-Experienced Advisors”

To help you, Axis is making the most of ERP resolution by using a supported and in-depth understanding of each software system and therefore setting.
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