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Tally USP

Tally is a software specially designed to lessen the complexity of accounting tasks and provides integration with third party applications like retail, hotel management, payroll and financial management. It supports multiple languages and automates employee record management. It also provides synchronizations for different business processes thus providing automatic updating wherever needed. Request Tally Pricing to get more information.


Tally ERP system is an accounting software package used for managing day to day business activities. Tally ERP system automates the accounting procedure and also provides integration with other business applications. These applications include sales, finance, inventory and payroll management. It eases out the entire complex process of accounting and is an enterprise resource planning business solution.

Tally Pricing

Based on the business requirements, Tally Pricing plans can cost from ₹3240 per user to ₹9720 per user, per month. Here are the Tally pricing segments:
Gold- Rs. 9720/user/month
Silver- Rs. 3240/user/month

Tally Demo

Tally ERP system provides a free demo for all its versions with the software or on the website in the form of illustrations and videos. It also has a section in the website for shortcuts that are used to run the software.


Customer Relationship Management
  • Avoid repetitive data entry by synchronizing data bi-directionally.
  • Synchronize customer information, account details, invoicing and purchasing order to create a communication flow.
Asset Management
  • Calculate depreciation and manage end to end assets within the software.
  • Synchronize data to enable business benefits by creating master ledgers and managing them.
Payroll Management
  • Manage payroll activities like salary record, deductions and wages by importing it into Tally.
  • Track the number of hours the employees worked inorder to generate accurate salaries.
Account Management
  • Customize interest calculation methods for different transactions.
  • Integrate general ledger, purchase and sales ledgers into a single unit to lessen the complexity.
Business Intelligence
  • Generate analytical reports with real time data to check project progress.
  • Get real time dashboards by integrating Tally with other ERP applications.
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Tally Reviews


Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

Apr 23, 2020

“Less Complex”

Tally automates the accounting procedure and also has features to generate GST. Apart from this despite managing accounts it also creates and maintains inventories. It also provides auto updation in the balance sheet.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 23, 2020

“3rd Party Integration”

This platform serves as a host to many third-party applications. It can be implemented wherever an accounting process is required. It also helps in online selling. ERP applications that manage warehouse, inventories and retail chains can make most benefit from this integration capability. Convenient pricing options
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