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Maintain (Locus) focuses on analyzing all your vehicle expenditure, compare it with last time expenses and notify the difference of it. Dashboards give you an overall idea of expenses, service maintenance, fuel consumption, operational parts cost and much more related to fleet management services. Request Maintain Pricing to get more information.


Maintain (Locus) is a leading web-based fleet management software support that manages more than 3000 vehicles at a time. A fleet management service provider who helps in resolving maintenance related issues in the industry to save expenditure and fuel. Locus manages all time location, fuel tank, maintenance time, cost, safety and security in a single portal at an affordable price.

Maintain (Locus) Features

Maintain (locus), a standalone web application has the power to track every asset and ability to keep them safe on a road. Here are some powerful features of Maintain (Locus):

  • Fleet Maintenance

o   Provide an enterprise dashboard with necessary details like machine expenditure, service cost, operational charges, and help in scheduling asset maintenance

o   Provide a reporting tool that reports you annually, monthly or weekly including all other expenses

  • Fuel Management

o   Provide you with an online dashboard with fuel consumption graph to track, monitor and analyze the efficiency of vehicles

o   Fuel Reporting tool helps in identifying irregulating wastage, provide an overall idea of spend against budget and performance metrics

  • Expense Tracking

A dashboard with a comparison of costs spends on service and maintenance, fuel and logistics to determine the cost per mile

o  Helps in replacement of assets and improve asset life-cycle based on current utilization levels

  •  Detailed Expense History

A complete expense history including tire rotations, oil changes, accessories replacement, and routine maintenance cost

o       Vendor payments reports and surplus management

Maintain (Locus) Pricing

Manage your vehicle for less than 50 cents a day, a web-based application delivers you all management-related data and reports at an affordable price. For Maintain (Locus) pricing packages, call directly to the vendor or fill a requirement form from an official website of Maintain (Locus).


Maintain (Locus) offers a free trial to fleet management industries. They do not provide customer support, sales support and accounting support in free trial versions. Explore Maintain (Locus) Pricing packages for removing these limitations.


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Maintain Reviews


Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 11, 2020

“Recommendable technical and customer support”

Maintain (Locus) offers a 24/7 customer and technical support in case of any queries, recommendable product for industries having large equipment management
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Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

May 11, 2020

“An affordable fleet management Tool”

Maintain (Locus) Pricing packages are able to add customizable units, can help in saving cost, vehicle lifespan and efficiency
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