SAP Fraud Detection Software

  • Weinheim, Germany
  • 1972
  • $10BN to $50BN
BFSI, Education, Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IT and Telecom, Government and Public Sector
Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America
Company Overview
The SAP Business Integrity Screening software detects and prevents anomalies to mitigate fraud risk and reduce losses using big data.

  • Exception detection: Alert notifications for employee theft, warranty fraud, corruption and incorrect transactions detection and prevention
  • Prevention and deterrence: Analyse exception scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence and determine which approaches are the most effective in deterring anomalous and fraudulent activity.
  • Business partner screening: Avoid doing business with high-risk or sanctioned parties by screening against lists from government agencies, international organisations, and private content providers.

The SAP Fraud Detection Software provides users with real-time information to help organizations prevent revenue losses. The company uses predictive analytics technology in its solutions to offer better fraud management for its customers and proactively minimize fraud risks.

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SAP SE Presence in Fraud Detection Software
SAP is a reputed global software and services provider. The company has a direct or indirect presence in more than 180 countries through a group of 255 subsidiaries who distribute its products, solutions, and services. SAP has invested in the SAP Labs Network and SAP Innovation Center Network, thus reflecting its commitment towards product differentiation and innovation. SAP Labs are located in 13 countries across the globe and help the company to understand market trends and accordingly bring about changes in its offerings to increase its global market share. Its presence in all geographic regions helps SAP collaborate with the top universities and hire employees from dynamic and vibrant communities. In 2016, the company invested about 13% of its annual revenue in R&D activities. Furthermore, acquisitions and partnerships are one of the key inorganic strategies adopted by SAP to expand its product portfolio and geographic presence.
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