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SurveySparrow performance management system is a cloud-based solution for surveys, audience management, customization, and provides various advanced tools to grow an audience. SurveySparrow performance management system allows the creation of surveys with customizable built-in templates. Personalize every survey using branching and other display logics. Distribute the surveys across multiple channels including social media platforms. Personalize segmented email lists with unique and analyze survey performances with intuitive reports. 

SurveySparrow Pricing

Choose the plan which suits your business needs. SurveySparrow pricing plans generally start at $19/month. Here are some SurveySparrow Pricing plans:

  • Basic- $19/month
  • Premium- $49/month
  • Business- $149/month
  • Enterprise- $499/month
  • Elite- Get a personalized offer by contacting the sales team. 

SurveySparrow Demo

Request a demo by signing up on the authorized site. A 14-day free trial option is also available without any credit card. 


Create Encouraging surveys- Increase the response rates by 40% by crafting beautiful and smart surveys. Personalize the surveys by using piping logic, custom params, and other tools. Preview every survey and pause it in real-time to fix the errors. 

Capture real-time insights on the dashboard
  • Get the responses instantly and secure data with encryption. 
  • Filter the responses based on answers, time, respondent, and other conditions. 
  • Pre-schedule the survey reports in your inbox at the preferred day and time. 
Effortless Audience Management- Sort and segment the audience for sending highly-targeted surveys. Set up various sub-accounts within a parent account. Create custom fields based on the contacts and their job, age, or other conditions. 

Recurring Surveys- Automate the surveys by pre-scheduling and set reminders for non-responders to fill the survey. 

White-Label Surveys- Maintain your brand name by hosting surveys in the brand’s domain. Customize surveys using code to match with the font, image, colors, and other things with the brand. Create video surveys for better responses.


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SurveySparrow Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Excellent tool for professional surveys”

The reasonably priced feature provides a variety of useful data to analyse responses. It gives the best help in managing and increasing the audience.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Seamlessly combine chat and surveys”

It allows the creation of conversational surveys and that helps in getting more responses. It sends automated emails to non-responders.
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