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Salesforce Social Studio
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Salesforce Social Studio USP

Salesforce facilitates its products using Social Studio in the social media analytics market. Salesforce Social Studio provides an easy-to-use application in order to manage social media marketing using numerous social channels. It integrates with the Customer Success Platform of the company and empowers organizations to listen to the conversations of their customers using the social listening tool. The Studio also helps users to gain important insights across all the marketing, service, and sales campaigns with reporting linked to social accounts from the office or on their mobile app. It also helps in monitoring audience discussions by using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition to extract meaningful insights. Request Salesforce Social Studio Pricing to get more information.


Social Studio controls social connections through sales and services, marketing, social listening, social publishing, engagement, and customer service. Deploying a single platform for all social media engagements will help in securely managing access and roles with the user and team workspaces. Its Intelligent reporting feature offers a real-time snapshot on content, channel, and creative performance. It helps in improving campaigns with a central view of all social marketing activities. It also provides a Marketing Command Center which is a multichannel hub with customizable displays, provides live, real-time details about what’s happening across the digital marketing strategy.


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Salesforce Social Studio
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    Any other professional service
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    Remote Support
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    Brand Management
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    Customer behavioral analysis
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    Customer segmentaion and targeting
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    Customer Support
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    Hosted / On-Cloud
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    Others - Pre-sales Support Activities
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    Risk Management and Fraud Detection
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    Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
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    Technical Support
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    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
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    Descriptive Analytics
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    Energy and Utilities
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    Support and maintenance services
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    Campaign management
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    Competitor benchmarking
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    Content optimization
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    Marketing meausurement
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    Performance monitoring
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    Product Features and Functionality
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    Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
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    On-Site Support
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    Full Time Equivalent
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    Per User Basis
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    Subscription / Licensing
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    Product Features
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    Managed Services
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    Diagnostic analytics
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    Prescriptive Analytics
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    Others- Social media analytics
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    Other Industry Verticals
Salesforce Social Studio Presence in Social Media Analytics Software
Salesforce has expanded its footprint in the countries of Americas, Europe, and APAC through physical offices, sales offices, R&D centers, and partner ecosystems. Salesforce is said to be investing a significant amount of its revenue on R&D. In 2017, the company has invested approximately 14% of its total revenue in R&D activities. The company maintains its position in the social media analytics market by adopting organic and inorganic strategies. As a part of its inorganic strategies, the company has entered into partnerships with various other companies. For instance, in June 2017, Salesforce Social Studio partnered with YouTube’s measurement program. This service is used to verify the YouTube data used by measurement companies for clients. Additionally, it allows customers to upload videos, monitor conversations on YouTube, and manage their content, in order to track their engagements in a better manner.
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