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ForeSee CX Suite
Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
$51MN to $100MN
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ForeSee CX Suite USP

The software offers a total view of the customer journey. It allows users to measure every touchpoint with one CX metric. The company has developed a cause-and-effect framework, which helps users in connecting their CX enhancements to tangible business outcomes like purchase, recommend (NPS) and more. ForeSee CX Measurement captures customer feedback in a way that enables businesses to precisely prioritize on the impactful business drivers. ForeSee pricing plans work well for all type of customer analytics requirements.

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The software provides a 360 degree view of the customer journey. It helps businesses to make customer experience decisions based on a proven methodology and 250M benchmarks. The solution provides features such as CX Measurement, CX Priority Index, Feedback, Text Analytics, Case Management, etc. ForeSee's self-service tool called Feedback helps users in identifying issues before they escalate. It also allows users to implement customer surveys on web and mobile and provides a unique reporting feature that allows easy access to customer feedback. ForeSee pricing plans are created in a way that they work well for all customer analytics budgets.

Key Features:

  • Journey - ForeSee offers a comprehensive view of the customer journey. The users can measure every touchpoint with one CX criterion and power analysis with a suite of apps and tools, including Text Analytics, Replay for web and mobile, Case Management etc.
  • Predictive Model - ForeSee’s cause-and-effect framework, links CX enhancements to concrete business outcomes like purchase, recommend (NPS), return, and more.
  • Priority Index – It also offers an all-round view of how CX is performing across the customer journey. ForeSee’s patented Priority Index helps in prioritizing where to focus first, and how to fix it.
  • Benchmarks – The users get all the market context required. They can compare how they are performing against their competitors and best-in-class with easy access to over 600 benchmark sets, unmatched in the industry.
  • Feedback – Businesses can get feedback whenever they want with simple surveys.
  • Consistent CX metric –ForeSee CX Measurement provides businesses with one CX metric across all the channels and business units - web, mobile, locations, field, contact centre, etc. And their exclusive Priority Index delivers continuous insight into the business’ top CX priorities across the whole journey.
  • Replays – Businesses can evaluate replays by behavioural metrics such as pages viewed, duration of visit, browser version, or screen size.
  • Text Analytics - ForeSee Text Analytics works in association with ForeSee CX Measurement. It enables businesses to prioritize where across the customer journey they should focus with CX Measurement, before diving deeper into customer comments.

ForeSee Pricing

ForeSee Pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation. ForeSee Pricing is not published on the company website.

ForeSee Demo

Users can schedule a demo with ForeSee and get consultation about their requirements.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +8 Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • +12 Product Functionality
  • +7 Audio/Speech
  • +6 Image
  • +5 Text
  • +12 Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • +11 Product Features and Functionality
  • +9 Product Demos
  • +6 Product Offerings
  • +10 Level of Support
  • +13 Any other professional service
  • +7 Brand Management
  • +12 Campaign management
  • +8 Competitive intelligence
  • +11 Consulting
  • +6 Customer behavioral analysis
  • +13 Customer loyalty and process management
  • +10 Customer relationship management
  • +5 Customer segmentaion and targeting
  • +14 Customer Support
  • -10 Others (Please specify)
  • -11 On-Site Support
  • -12 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • -11 Hybrid
  • -10 On-Premise
  • -6 Directly
  • -7 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • -11 Channel experience analytics
  • -14 Others
  • -12 Sales representative
  • -13 Survey data
  • -7 Automotive and Transportation
  • -13 BFSI
  • -8 Energy and Utilities
  • -12 Government and Public Sector
  • -10 Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • -11 IT and Telecom
  • -14 Manufacturing
  • -5 Media and Entertainment
  • -9 Other Industry Verticals
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Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Data Format
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Product Functionality
  3. Data Format / Text
  4. Data Format / Image
  5. Data Format / Audio/Speech
  6. Pre Sales Support / Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
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