Best Container Management Software in 2020 - Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants

Published on 28 Oct 2020

Container management software, which can also be stated as operating system-level virtual machines promoting the organization and virtualization of device modules. Designers use containers in resource-independent environments to release, analyze, and protect frameworks. Containers contain software modules, collections, or source code classes that can be performed on request. In order to maximize performance and align device workloads, management platforms support users in distributing capital. To coordinate, automate, and deploy software, containers offer a scalable and compact interface. The container management program is used by organizations to streamline the distribution of containers to ease the complexity of interdependent device architectures. The tools are versatile and can significantly enhance the efficiency of applications which are broadly distributed.

360Quadrants has developed and tested several businesses, offering the best container management software that can help companies make smarter financial decisions. The quadrants are constructed by undertaking in-depth analysis of suppliers, which includes a wide variety of resources and go-to-market strategies. Every three months, certain quadrants are updated to provide a high-level review of the strategies towards the effectiveness of vendors by trained experts, especially in the Container Management Software domain.

A comprehensive SWOT evaluation is undertaken by 360Quadrants and the vendors selected for placement are appropriately evaluated. In order to acquire the correct options for market development and production, this evaluation helps organizations gain insights into emerging revenue prospects and growth patterns. A complete list of large global corporations that endorse the vendor choice approach is demonstrated by 360Quadrants.

Quadrant Categorization for Container Management Software

360Quadrants analyzed nearly 20 vendors in the container management software space and nine vendors have been identified as Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies and placed in the 360quadrant.

Amazon ECS, Docker Enterprise, and AWS Fargate have been identified as Visionary Leaders and placed on the quadrant in the container management software space.

Cloud Foundry and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) have been identified as Innovators in the container management software space.

Kubernetes, moby, and Rancher have been identified as Emerging Companies in the container management software space.

JHipster container management has been categorized as a Dynamic Differentiator in the container management software space.

360Quadrants Assessment Method

As an outcome of exhaustive studies undertaken on unique competitive brands, top vendors in container management software are listed and categorized on the 360quadrant. For the assessment of the suppliers, approximately 80 performance factors have been identified. The two main factors that decide the vendor positions are: product portfolio and business plan creativity. The evaluation criteria for the reliability of the product portfolio include the scale and scope of the product range, the key attributes of the brand, the performance of the product, as well as the effects on the company's reputation. The distinctive variables identified for business model excellence are geographical reach, range of applications offered, distribution channel mix, viability, and organic growth strategy capability.

To generate an aggregate ranking from the criteria specified by analysts and industry consultants, weightages are allocated. The position of the software provider will be determined by these generated ratings and they will be placed in the quadrant according to their rankings. If there are any internal or technical enhancements to the goods of the software providers, then changes are accordingly made in the quadrant.

About 360Quadrants

360Quadrants is the largest marketplace looking to disrupt USD 3.7 trillion of technology spend and is the only rating platform for vendors in the technology space. The platform provides users access to unbiased information that helps them make qualified business decisions. The platform facilitates deeper insights using direct engagement with 650+ industry experts and analysts and allows buyers to discuss their requirements with 7,500 vendors. Companies get to win ideal new customers, customize their quadrants, decide key parameters, and position themselves strategically in niche spaces, to be consumed by giants and start-ups alike. Experts get to grow their brand and increase their thought leadership. The platform targets the building of a social network that links industry experts with companies worldwide.

360Quadrants will also be launching quadrants in fields such as Big Data Software, Productivity Software, and Statistical Analysis Software.

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