• IBM offers an extensive portfolio for Disaster recovery as a service, including cloud resiliency orchestration, data availability-as-a service (DaaS), cloud data virtualization, and virtualized server recovery to deliver end-to-end integrated services using private, public, and/or hybrid cloud. IBM Resiliency DRaaS offers real-time data availability for operational restores, DR and business resumption for physical, virtual systems, and applications with near-zero RPOs and RTOs.

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    • Enterprise
    • New York, USA
    • Founded: 1911
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • Microsoft provides the Operations Management Suite (OMS), which includes Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery (ASR), automation and control, and protection and recovery service offerings for businesses. The suite provides backup, DR features and functionalities, such as integrated services, change tracking, monitoring and alerting, Azure services, minimal complexity of deployment, and security and audit services.

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    • Enterprise
    • Washington, USA
    • Founded: 1975
    • More than $100 BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • Amazon provides DR services integrated with its other products and solutions, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), AWS Import/Export, AWS Storage Gateway, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon S3 is accessible from any location and is integrated with various commercial and open-source backup services to store backup data.

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    • Enterprise
    • Washington, USA
    • Founded: 1994
    • More than $100 BN
    • 5,00,001 & more
  • HP’s cloud-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service reduces the burdens on the IT department by: enhancing recovery time by up to 90%; minimizing data loss by up to 95%; saving 15% to 50% in costs via a cloud-based As-a-Service pricing model. It provides businesses with the ability to provision additional storage at the time of recovery to meet short-term needs workload requirements. It also offers an option of a dedicated hypervisor to provide clients with the ability to host dedicated applications requiring real-time replication.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 2015
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • Vmware disaster recover solutions are easier to setup and validate. It enables businesses to implement secure enterprise grade disaster recovery solution with 5-minute RPO The solution provides flexible, reliable and cost-efficient replication to allow data protection and disaster recovery for all virtual machines present in the environment. It requires zero capital investment and also enables companies to move from CAPEX to OPEX-based DR to control costs. All their solutions come with built in Industry-standard SSL encryption.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1998
    • $5BN to $10BN
    • 20,001 to 25,000
  • Zerto DRaaS allows businesses to chose flexible monthly billing. The company also helps them in gaining enhanced performance and reliability by leveraging CSP services, without sacrificing control over production environments. Zerto DRaaS solution enables users to replicate to one or more cloud sites for redundancy and long-term retention. It also provides multi-tenant capabilities that enable businesses to attain economies of scale by distributing computing resources in a public or private cloud while storing their data completely isolated and visible only to the specific tenant.

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    • Startup
    • Massachusetts, US
    • Founded: 2009
    • 101 to 500
  • NTT Communications offers cloud recovery service, which focuses on cloud-based server replication. It also offers DR Target as a service platform, built on the VCC technology that benefits customers with SLAbacked RTOs and RPOs. The key features of cloud recovery service are failover and failback in minutes, flexible scheduling for maintenance windows, scale with individual organizations and timelines, secure online portal, real-time activity reporting, and system health check reporting. NTT’s Multi-Cloud Connect caters to the dynamic business needs of customers. The company’s cloud recovery service provides the capability to virtually increase the number of servers, thus eliminating restrictions on the server count to be included in a single environment.

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    • Enterprise
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Founded: 1999
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 20,001 to 25,000
  • Cable & Wireless Communications DRaaS is a comprehensive solution that protects business data and applications by replicating and backing up the entire environment. It provides four solutions for different platforms, namely DRaaS X86, DRaaS Oracle, DRaaS Power p, and DRaaS Power i. DRaaS X86 is a complete replication solution typically focused on Microsoft environments. It is instrumental in replicating data in real-time at a block level, providing an immediate failover and failback capacity for most critical production servers.

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    • SME
    • Newbury, Berkshire, UK
    • Founded: 2010
    • $11MN to $50MN
    • 51 to 100
  • Cisco DRaaS offers various benefits including reduced CapEx, easy disaster recovery implementation, IT environment replication etc. The solution's architecture enables cloud providers to deliver an attractive revenue-generating service to their enterprise customers who have on- premises workloads. It also helps enterprises to minimise disaster recovery complexity and costs. Adopting DRaaS allows businesses to maintain their critical infrastructure and applications and to help ensure their survivability.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1984
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 50,001 to 75,000

Disaster Recovery as a Service Quadrant

Comparing 27 vendors in Disaster Recovery as a Service across 140 criteria.

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Disaster Recovery as a Service tools.
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
    • Services offered
    • Subscription offered
    • Pricing
    • Managed Services
    • Support services
      • Business Consulting Services
      • Support & Maintenance
      • Network Assessment
      • Education & Training
      • Compliance & Risk Management
    • Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services
      • Replication
      • Backup and Recovery
      • Enterprise Data Archiving
      • Data Isolation and Security
  • Product Features and Functionality
    • Replication functionality
      • Transactional Replication
      • Merge Replication
      • Snapshot Replication
    • Replication features
      • Real-time Basis
      • Backup Basis
      • Multiple Recovery Points
      • Self-Service Portal
    • Enterprise data archiving
      • Enterprise Content Assessment
      • Archival Planning and Data Migration
      • Compliance Management
      • Retrieval Analytics
      • Verification and Validation
      • Directory Management
    • Data isolation and security
      • Unified Console Management
      • Data Integrity Management
      • Version Control
      • Incident Management and Reporting
      • Data Redundancy and Parity Check
      • Multi Factor Authentication
      • Integration with SAML, ActiveX Directory and RDSH
      • User Profile and Policy Management
      • Application License Management
      • Mobile SSO
      • Application Session Management and Containerization
      • Integration with RADIUS Server and Provisioning Framework
    • Backup and recovery
      • Data Migration
      • Interactive Dashboards
      • DR Testing
      • Automated Recovery
      • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Focus on Product Innovation
    • Research and Development
    • Innovation
  • Product Branding
    • Marketing
    • Pre Sales Support
      • Social Media
      • Conferences
      • Whitepaper/Blog
      • Proof of Concept
      • Case Study


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