Should you invest in North America’s Top Cybersecurity Companies?

Published on 13 Apr 2022

Cybersecurity Companies concerned with preventing unwanted access to and assaults on computer systems and its components, such as hardware, software, data, and digital infrastructure. Its purpose is to protect data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Cyberattacks are typically aimed at gaining access to, altering, or destroying sensitive information, extorting money from users, or disrupting normal company procedures or operations. The ever-changing nature of security concerns is one of the most critical aspects of cybersecurity. Many businesses are adopting more proactive and adaptable approaches to deal with this scenario, such as using a continuous monitoring and real-time evaluation system. Cyber-attacks and digital espionage are the greatest serious threat to national security, even surpassing terrorism.

360Quadrants have evaluated and picked some of the Top Cybersecurity companies in the Cybersecurity platforms market. This evaluation helps Cybersecurity platform buyers to learn in detail about the software and also make the right choice for their requirements. All the vendors of Cybersecurity platforms in this analysis have been carefully compared against their product offerings as well as business strategies and were positioned on a quadrant, which is updated every quarter. 360Quadrants also provides a SWOT analysis and further enables these platform providers to get to know more about new probabilities and scope to progress.

Cisco Cybersecurity

In the cybersecurity sector, Cisco Systems is a top cybersecurity vendor. Cisco's objective is to provide a full-fledged cybersecurity platform to its large enterprise customers. Customers can pick and choose the parts they want to use, and if their needs change, they can add more goods. User and email access, device and endpoint protection, network security, and app and data locking are all covered by Cisco's security platform. In addition, the organization provides incident response services. Cisco has 300,000 security customers and protects 61 million endpoints and 840,000 networks with its solutions.

Cisco's security platform follows a land-and-expand business model. Around 80% of Cisco security clients start with one of four popular products, and a quarter of consumers move on to buy at least one more security product. Cisco is looking to expand with existing security customers through enterprise agreements, which allow a customer to manage all of their enterprise wide software licenses and subscriptions under a single contract. With enterprise partnerships, the company now has around 4,500 customers. The average Cisco client owns 1.4 security products, whereas the average enterprise agreement customer owns 4.1. Cisco has a significant opportunity to sign more customers to enterprise agreements and make it easy for them to purchase additional security solutions as a result. Cisco expects the whole security industry to reach $80 billion by 2025. To increase its market share, the company will need to expand its existing enterprise customer base.

Palo Alto Cybersecurity

Palo Alto Networks is an American multinational cybersecurity vendor that provides digital age solutions such as firewalls spanning clouds, networks, and mobile devices. It has over 54,000 customers in 150 countries and operates across many domains. Palo Alto Networks provides a comprehensive security platform by combining their own hardware and software architecture. They can respond to the fast evolving cyber security scene by combining deep R&D experience with a watchful eye on applications and threats. Palo Alto Research and Development is aided by technology and products obtained through third-party licensing. To certify and assure interoperability with third-party hardware and software, products are put through rigorous testing.

The company's ability to win large contracts has been aided by advanced products and high-quality services. Palo Alto has formed strategic alliances with prominent cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure), making Palo Alto's solutions more available to customers and boosting customer growth. As a result of these relationships, Palo Alto Networks has added 12,500 new customers, an average of 2,500 per quarter. Partnerships with VMWare and Google Cloud Platform have also aided them in providing subscriptions to clients, allowing them to expand their customer base and reach. Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Proofpoint, PwC, Splunk, Tanium, and VMware are just a few of Palo Alto's outstanding partners. Partnerships with prominent organizations have also aided Palo Alto in developing and improving many of its existing products and offers, allowing them to become more advanced and improved in order to meet the difficulties of today's world.

McAfee Cybersecurity

McAfee, Inc. offers IT security solutions to a wide range of industrial clients. Its software and hardware prevent viruses, spam, and spyware, as well as handle data loss protection, mobile security, host intrusion prevention, encryption, and e-mail security. The needs of the household, small business, commercial, and enterprise markets are all met by these items. Because to its unique solutions, McAfee is one of the most extensively used solution suppliers on the market. The company plans to develop new business models and incorporate multi-application solutions as part of its long-term strategy. In addition, the company plans to expand its footprint and strengthen its market position by implementing successful collaborative strategies.

360Quadrants Evaluation Methodology

360Quadrants very prudently picked and assessed some of the Top Cybersecurity providers. These vendors were assessed based on more than 110 specifically selected data pointers which were finalized based on the product and business strategy of the software provider and the data received from the buyers as well as the industry experts. All of these data pointers were assigned a specific weightage, post which they were measured as well. This study also helps the analysts to calculate the total score based on which the Cybersecurity service providers were ranked and positioned on 360Quadrants.


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