Top Features of Public Safety & Security Software

The public living in the cities are highly dependent on services that are offered by the government at the local, state, and federal levels. Best public safety software involves the coordination and administration of resources that provide safety and security for the community. Public Safety Software comes with multiple advanced traits that enable security management.

  1. Backup & Recovery System
  2. Biometric Security & Authentication System
  3. Critical Communication System
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Emergency & Disaster Management
  6. Public Address & General Alarm
  7. Scanning & Screening System
  8. Surveillance System

Top 10 Public Safety & Security Software

Is Public Safety Software fascinating? Public Safety Software being implemented by loads of organizations and governments nowadays, so getting desired software can be a strenuous task. More numerous investments and large-scale business cooperation are likely to take place early, based on creativity. Some of the big players at the moment are:

  1. Cisco Systems
  2. Honeywell WIN-PAK
  3. Motorola Solutions
  4. NEC Corporation
  5. IBM Corporation
  6. Siemens AG
  7. Huawei Technologies
  8. Ericsson Inc
  9. Tyco International
  10. Airbus Group SE

Top Startups

Emerging firms have offerings for niche products and services. Their business tactics aren't as powerful as the established companies. The evolving vendors include the new market entrants, beginning to emerge in terms of product portfolio and geographical coverage, and need time to gain strong market popularity. Some of the emerging new entrants are:

  1. Citizen
  2. Mark43
  3. HAAS Alert
  4. CityCop
  5. Faception
  6. Grillo
  7. Text to Ticket
  8. BlueLight
  9. D8A Group
  10. Beyond Lucid Technologies

Public safety refers to the safety, security, and welfare of the general public and preventing them from dangers, such as criminal activities, natural calamities, national and international terrorism, and other emergency and disaster situations. Public safety software is the priority of the governments across the world; they have to ensure the safety of citizens, organizations, and financial institutions, and protect them from external threats. Hence, the governments heavily rely on the public safety software, such as surveillance systems, communication networks, screening and scanning system, and biometric and authentication system for safeguarding the lives of the citizens.


The vendors in public safety software market have been placed into 4 categories based on their performance in each criterion: visionary leaders, innovators, emerging, and dynamic.


The visionary leaders in public safety software market receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have an established product portfolio and a very strong market presence.


The dynamic differentiators in public safety software market are established vendors with very strong business strategies. However, they have a low product portfolio. They focus on a specific type of technology related to the product.


Innovators in public safety software market have innovative portfolio of services and a strong potential to build robust business strategies for their business growth, to be at par with the Vanguards. Moreover, a strong and dedicated direct and indirect sales channel is one of the key factors influencing the brand position of the firm in public safety software market.


The emerging companies in public safety software market have niche product offerings and are starting to gain their position in the market. They do not have much strong business strategies as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some more time before getting significant traction in the market.


The critical communication network plays an important role in the responsiveness of emergency services considering best public safety software market. These services include ambulance services, police services, and firefighter services. The deployment of these services should be done with the adoption of the latest technologies to offer robust services. The public safety software solution personnel depends on communication networks to establish contact, provide security and safety, and gain situational awareness. Hence, a reliable and secure communication network plays an important role in the operations of the best public safety software agencies worldwide. Furthermore, there has been an exponential increase in the use of wireless local area networks that are replacing the wired networks in public safety software space. The critical communication network solutions include Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband, wireless broadband communication, and FirstNet. The public transport operators rely on their communication networks to operate safely and efficiently. For instance, the railway operators around the world are using Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) or Positive Train Control (PTC) systems. Furthermore, in Europe, the railway operators are using the Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway (GSM-R) as part of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Such initiatives are driving the demand for critical communication networks in different verticals.


The C2/C4ISR refers to the unified command and control systems that are driven by centralized operation centers. It is a disruptive defense technology, which is a complex web of subsystems. The systems that are considered under the C2/C4ISR segment include, and Mobile Command and Control Unit (C2M). These technologies help the air, naval, land, space, and army forces in reaching their security goals.

The traditional C4ISR was designed to collect mission-specific information in public safety softwares; however, the analysis and data collection process was more time-consuming, due to the use of separate systems and displays. To tackle this issue, vendors are developing integrated C4ISR systems, which provide ease of use and security. Moreover, C4ISR plays a crucial role in the present times, due to the evolution of new forms of modern warfare, namely, electronic and cyber. The demand for C4ISR is expected to be moderate in the developed nations, due to the considerable cuts in the budget expenditure. However, the overall demand for C4ISR is expected to witness traction in countries, such as India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China, due to increase in defense spending in these countries.


The evolving security threats have led to modifications in the industry and government security regulations, which in turn has influenced organizations for deploying biometric security and authentication system, as it is a way to prove the true identity of an individual. Biometrics facilitates the identification of one’s physical and behavioral characteristics to provide physical access to the personnel in the public safety software facilities. Biometrics has been divided into fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, iris/retinal scanning, and voice recognition. Furthermore, it is being adopted in the public safety software market, as it is easy to implement and has low costs.

Biometric authentication is more reliable and resistant to the social engineering attacks, as the user’s presence is required to use any biometric system. The fingerprint recognition, iris scan, and facial recognition systems are a part of the biometric security and authentication system segment. These systems have authentication and authorization applications in civil IDs, criminal identification, and border control. The use of the biometric security and authentication system is expected to increase in the next few years, due to the increasing government initiatives to integrate it with passports and border security.


The increasing global threats have forced governments to employ high levels of security at the borders, airports, public institutes, ports, and transportation systems. The surveillance systems help detect, track, and recognize unauthorized intruders, namely, terrorists, illegal immigrants, and smugglers, who can endanger the lives of citizens. Advantages of the surveillance system are its affordability, real-time video capturing, and ease of management, and its capability to produce clear pictures of the public. The surveillance systems include various types of surveillance cameras, monitors, storages, and surveillance software, such as video analytics and video generic application platforms. Thermal imaging cameras are extensively used for homeland security, due to their ability to track human-sized targets. The public sector is one of the major users of the video surveillance system, due to the need for protecting customers, citizens, and passengers. Infrastructures, such as transportation systems, smart grids, government facilities, and sensitive infrastructures, require high-quality video surveillance systems that are integrated with the main system to monitor the ongoing activities in and around the premises. Video surveillance includes video hardware and video analytics. Video surveillance systems, such as IP cameras and HD CCTVs play a major role in securing the public infrastructure, such as public areas, government and corporate offices, and roads. The market for the surveillance system segment in public safety software is expected to be growing at a very rapid rate and is an integral part of the overall physical security systems industry.


Screening and scanning refer to the detection and identification technologies that are applicable across various sectors, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, aviation, maritime, and cargo. There have been security upgrades in the transportation vertical, such as the screening of cargo trucks and passenger luggage. Screening and scanning using public safety software is a preventive and proactive measure to find advanced threats.

The scanning and screening system scans of individuals and their belongings for avoiding unlawful and unethical events. The use of scanning and screening systems has increased around the globe, due to the rise in threats related to terrorism and other unlawful activities, which may result in financial, economic, and human losses. The law enforcement personnel mainly uses These systems for real-time detection of organic threats, such as explosives, guns, and narcotics. The scanning and screening systems comprise X-ray screening systems, explosive trace detectors, metal detectors, and liquid scanners. Furthermore, the global increase in passenger traffic and freight movement has also increased the government spending toward such scanning and screening systems. The scanning and screening system vendors are also integrating the screening and scanning products with the X-ray screening system for enhancing the security levels.


Emergency and disaster management solutions in public safety software are used by the government and private organizations for rescuing the public from man-made or natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, cyclones, or tsunamis. All the cities are vulnerable to some or the other form of disaster. Emergency and disaster management systems are web-based and easier to manage. Quick responses, disaster recovery solutions, and simulation are the features of the emergency and disaster management solution. Simulation systems such as traffic simulation, hazard propagation, and incident evaluation are also covered under the scope. Pre-emergency and post-emergency measures are a part of the emergency and disaster management solution for the effective management of public safety and security solutions and services.


Cybersecurity is an approach to protect computers, networks, programs, and the data from advanced threats and vulnerabilities, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and cyber espionage by using public safety software. It involves a set of security technologies and solutions, tools, policies, security concepts, guidelines, risk management approaches, and professional and managed services to protect the networks, computers, programs, and data from cyber-attacks, damages, or unauthorized accesses. Cybersecurity has become one of the important aspects of the government sector, as the nature of security risks in this sector are advancing. Cybersecurity and data privacy have become critical priorities for the public sector and the manufacturing and transportation verticals. The constantly evolving nature of security threats is one of the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity domain.

The concept of eGovernance has led the governments to focus more on the cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, the public sector is more dependent on the IT and telecommunication infrastructure to increase the security of citizens and customers, as the government agencies have vast amounts of personal data and an accident release of such sensitive data can affect the company’s reputation severely and lead to huge losses.


The public address and the general alarm solution comes handy during an emergency situation. This solution in public safety software needs to be fully operational to allow the safe evacuation of the public during an emergency. Safety is of utmost importance during emergencies, and the place should be evacuated immediately, which can be done with the help of the public address and general alarm solution. The public address system is a form of electronic sound amplification that can be used to address large groups of people. The public address and general alarm solution includes alarm tones, pre-recorded messages, emergency voice messages, and routine voice messages, which are addressed to the public with the help of loudspeakers. The public address system plays an important role during a crisis. It alerts citizens about the danger. On the other hand, the general alarm system includes fire alarms and smoke alarms that detect heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide, and warn people about the possible catastrophic event. The public address and general alarm system includes warning systems and communication systems, such as voice alarm systems, public address peripheral, and rack mount. The general alarm system plays a very important role in the public safety and security, as it enables safe communication between the intrusion response teams and the security staff. Notification systems facilitate the quick deployment of response teams to the intrusion sites for protecting the assets of organizations from unauthorized access. The alarms and notification systems are majorly deployed in military facilities, government organizations, industries, and commercial spaces to safeguard the public from intrusions, thefts, and criminal activities.


The traditional systems cannot meet the evolving need for advanced technologies in disaster recovery management, while the backup and recovery system can provide robust solutions. The backup and recovery system plays an important role in cyber-attacks, human errors, and natural disasters. With digitization, the governments around the world are saving the data of citizens in the digitized form; the data includes important information, such as personal profiles, financial history, and tax history. Hence, in the case of an attack or any accidental loss, the backup and recovery system can help the government access the present and historical data.

Best Public Safety Software

Comparing 25 vendors in Public Safety and Security Solutions across 116 criteria.
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Cisco Systems offers a wide variety of products, related to public safety and security, which is categorized into 2 groups, namely, Cybersecurity, and Connected Safety and Security. The Cybersecurity category contains products for network security, email security, secure access, and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). The Connected Safety and Security category has products that are required for video surveillance, platforms, IP cameras, access controls, and incident response.
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HONEYWELL has launched several robust Public Safety and Security Software. WIN-PAK is the most appreciated one among these tools. It offers the consumers a price- evaluating a way to incorporate the management of accessing tools. It includes video observation and interference uncovering. The operation methods of WIN-PAK are based on many minor edges. The work point of WIN-PAK is operated by WIN-PAK 4.7 management method.
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Motorola Solutions is a global provider of mission-critical communication infrastructure, devices, software, services, and accessories. The company caters to government and enterprise mostly. The government segment involves designing and servicing of security products and applications. It also involves the selling of public safety communication systems and commercial two-way radio systems. The enterprise segment covers the manufacturing and servicing of security products and applications, wireless local area networks, and integrated digital network infrastructure.
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NEC Corporation is one of the leading providers of public safety and security software. The company offers IT and network solutions to business enterprises, communication service providers, and government agencies. NEC Corporation provides IT and network technologies for computing and communication applications. Its advanced technologies meet the critical and changing needs of its customers. It has expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses, and society. The company's public safety and security solutions are categorized into citizen services and immigration control, law enforcement, public administration services, critical infrastructure management, information management, and emergency and disaster management
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IBM offers various cybersecurity products that include endpoint protection, network protection, mainframe security, application security, data security, security intelligence and operations, advanced fraud protection, and cloud and mobile security. The cybersecurity services offered by IBM include data security services, security intelligence and operations, consulting, secure engineering and application security, and security strategy risk and compliance. The offerings help users protect their critical infrastructure from advanced threats and vulnerabilities.
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Siemens is a leading company that focuses on innovative software solutions and products for various enterprises. Offering security solutions to businesses with intelligent surveillance and monitoring platform, which helps organizations to achieve a balance between security and accessibility. From video management, physical security information, and supervision for unauthorized access, you get the best solution at an affordable cost. Apart from these, Siemens is also involved in offering intelligent solutions for sustainable cities, building technologies, power distributions, and applications.
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In the smart cities marketspace, Huawei implements advanced ICT to sense, collect, and analyze important data. Cloud, network, security, and platform technology are the components of Huawei’s smart cities solution. Huawei provides 6 mechanisms, namely, physical, network, host, visualization, application, and data, to safeguard smart cities.
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Ericsson is a global provider of telecom-based services and equipment. It operates through 3 business segments: networks, global services, and support solutions. The networks segment delivers products and solutions for mobile and fixed communication; the global services segment includes managed services, Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI), customer support, and network design and optimization; and the support solutions segment develops and delivers software-based solutions for Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), TV and media, and mCommerce ecosystems.
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Tyco International LTD is a global name in public safety and security software solutions such as fire detections and safety products of their brands Tyco, SimplexGrinnell, Tyco Integrated Security and more. All their devices and products are encrypted with PowerG technology and state-of-the-art features for the best services.  Tyco promised to help their clients in keeping the properties, people, and assets as safe as possible.

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The company is based in the Netherland which holds for manufacturing a large number of aerospace and defence industry products. They cover the variety in commercial aircraft, helicopters, and other defence and space products. An entire segment of their products is specialized in the manufacturing or developing the series as per the requirements. For defence, they have the best combat aircraft and electronics, which are helpful in the global security market.
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Hexagon provides geospatial and industrial sensors. The business divisions of the company include smart agriculture production solutions, geospatial data management solutions, geosystems, manufacturing intelligence, mining, positioning intelligence, and safety and infrastructure. The company has progressed in the public safety and security market by providing advanced command, control, and communication solutions, such as Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Intergraph Planning and Response, and Intergraph Security. The company serves various industry verticals, such as government, public safety and security, transportation, and utilities and communications.
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General Dynamics excels in various business units, which include information systems and technology, aerospace, marine systems, and combat systems. The company offers cybersecurity, physical security, access control, surveillance, and communication solutions, required for the protection of critical infrastructure. General Dynamics focuses on cybersecurity services and surveillance systems with advanced functionalities for the protection of critical infrastructure. Its cybersecurity portfolio provides cyber services, architecture and design services, and cybersecurity operations. Cybersecurity services aid in policy and compliance assessment and cyber training.
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The company provides communication systems and related tools, comprising IP-based voice and data communications systems, and single-band land mobile radio terminals and multiband radios with a handheld radio and a full-spectrum mobile radio for vehicles. Moreover, Harris Corporation also provides earth observation, environmental solutions, geospatial, space protection, and intelligence solutions, such as sensors and payloads, ground processing and information analytics for security, defense, civil, and commercial customers, related to Public Safety and Professional Communications (PSPC).
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The company forged strategic partnerships with various leaders, such as Leidos, IBM, and Microsoft, to provide public safety and security software and services to customers. Esri and the Department of Energy's INL have announced that they came into a cooperative R&D agreement to fight cyber-attacks with innovations on visualizing threats. The company has been continuously growing its product portfolio and customer base through a series of improvements. The company specializes in providing GIS, web GIS, and geodatabase management applications. Esri is one of the leaders to provide user-centric mapping innovation.
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Haystax Technology Inc. offers the best technology services for public safety and security around the world. They have been dedicatedly serving security leaders and operators to improve the protection against physical or virtual threats. Being the expert of advanced security analytics and management, Haystax has designed safety solutions including Insider Threat Mitigation, Public Safety, Cyber Crime Prevention, and more with award-winning products to deliver peace of mind.

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This platform is located in Israel specializes in manufacturing the unmanned aircraft systems globally. They are proactively involved in the same stream to provide a better combination of technology and defence to potential customers. The product is also durable and competent to serve most of the purpose. It is also quality-oriented, and there are no breakers present today who can challenge its efficiencies.
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The Public Security and Safety Software by AGT is an accident reporting tool that helps the security group to know exactly where the endangered individuals are located without wasting time. It helps to keep the records of previous accidents and assists to accomplish reports on time. It helps to scrutinize and evaluate the data to prevent the next accidents.
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Teltronic is a radio standard based on digital media to accomplish decisive communications when people are in critical problems. It is an open standard that is concentrated upon implementing certain communications to ensure the security of the public. The organizations which work on public safety prefer TETRA to provide communicative effortlessness in critical situations. TETRA operation is based on ETSI components. Nowadays, transport services like buses, tram, etc. are using TETRA to implement essential communication.
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Rave Mobile Safety provides highly efficient, decisive communications to protect public lives and security. It accomplishes its work function by using a giant data platform. It is highly appreciated by the academic organizations, institutions, business organizations, NGOs, several public service agencies that are undertaken by government. The major components that operate the general security issues resolving software are Rave panic button, a rave eye witness, rave preparation, rave alert, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Public Safety and Security Market size is expected to grow from USD 277.0 billion in 2017 to USD 532.4 billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.0% during the forecast period. The major factors that are expected to be driving the public safety and security market are increasing smart city initiatives, growing trend of IoT in public safety, and rapidly increasing criminal activities and terrorist attacks.
The market growth is attributed to the rise in smart cities projects, criminal activities and terrorist attacks targeting enterprises. The emergence of big data analytics and AI innovations are seen as the uncharted opportunities for the growth of public safety and security market in the coming years. The enterprises can target regions such as APAC and MEA which will provide penultimate opportunities for the market.
By solution, the emergency and disaster management solution segment is expected to grow at the highest growth rate during the forecast period. The emergency and disaster management solution is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The various emergency and disaster management solutions include geographic info systems, simulation systems, and surveillance systems. The demand for emergency and disaster management solution is expected to gain pace in the public safety and security market, due to high adoption by government and public safety agencies in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunami or any other emergency situations.
Public safety and security solutions have been deployed across verticals, including the homeland security, emergency services, critical infrastructure security, and transportation systems. The homeland security vertical is estimated to have the largest market size. Homeland security is one of the most vulnerable verticals. This vertical comprises defense, nuclear power plants, and government buildings. If terrorists target these departments, it can cause severe damage to the nation. Protecting the borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contrabands, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. The public safety and security solutions provided for homeland security have to prevent terrorist attacks on the homeland and provide resilience in case of an attack.
Driver: Smart city initiatives are expected to drive the public safety investments. Smart technologies are revolutionizing the structure of the cities. Smart technologies such as smart energy meters, security devices, smart appliances, and smart transportation are being used to develop many smart cities. While evolving into a smart environment, ensuring public safety and security is the key factor to gain consumers’ trust. Thus, integrating the right level of data and public safety solutions is very important. The governments are rapidly investing in various sectors, such as smart homes and buildings, smart communication, smart transportation, smart utilities, public safety, and connected cars. The integration of security technologies in the smart cities is expected to drive the growth of the public safety and security market. Restraint: High installation and maintenance costs for public safety and security systems. Public safety and security is of utmost priority to governments around the world for ensuring the public safety. The public safety and security systems include a huge set of hardware components along software solutions. The governments spend considerable resources on the installation of critical communication network, biometric security and authentication system, surveillance system, scanning and screening system, and emergency and disaster management systems. The government authorities and law enforcement bodies strive to promote safety, health, and welfare of the public. As the law enforcement agencies are confronting severe budget cuts and low funding, such high installation costs for the citizens’ safety systems may restrain the growth of the public safety and security market. Opportunity: Emergence of big data analytics in public safety and security. The phase of technology innovation is accelerating year over year. The connected devices are generating huge amounts of information more than ever before. This information can provide actionable insights to solve and prevent the critical infrastructures from crimes. The big data and data analytics technologies can yield valuable insights from the data available. Data generated from various security devices are first cleaned and managed in such a way that it would support pattern recognition and anomaly identification, which would help public safety organizations. Challenge: Lack of efficient storage and data management capacities Public safety and law enforcement agencies are incorporating various digital solutions, such as high-quality video surveillance, body-worn cameras, and in-car cameras to provide reliable evidence against the conviction of criminals. Agencies are incorporating cloud technologies for storage of huge amount of data as they are more cost effective for agencies and that might not be able to accommodate an on-premises software system. Therefore, storage of huge amount of data is the biggest challenge in front of public safety and security vendors.
Cisco (US), Ericsson (Sweden), General Dynamics (US), Harris Corporation (US), Hexagon (Sweden), Huawei (China), IBM (US), Motorola Solutions (US), NEC Corporation (Japan), and Esri (US). Huawei is one of the leading ICT solution providers. Huawei has a competitive ICT portfolio that provides end-to-end enterprise solutions. Huawei’s revenue is generated from 3 business units, which include the carrier business, consumer business, and enterprise business. The company excels in public and traffic safety systems. Huawei has a large clientele, which includes governments, SMEs, and large enterprises across the globe. The company receives its revenue by offering products, systems, and services, including physical security, video surveillance, and communication products and solutions. The major portion of its revenue comes from APAC, as more than 45% of the revenue is directed from China.