Best Animation Software in 2020 - Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants

Published on 03 Sep 2020

Animation is the perception of motion, generated by a sequence of still photographs, portraits, or sketches. Animation software provides a frame-by-frame foundation for generating movement. Every single frame is the equivalent of an individual illustration or picture. The images are mostly generated inside the software, but most animation software require objects from other channels to be added in. 

360Quadrants selected and classified 40 vendors providing the best Animation Software that enables clients to make informed decisions. These quadrants are created post in-depth analysis of vendors offering full-featured products and impressive business strategies for expansion. These quadrants are updated every quarter by conducting a proper analysis of the companies in the animation software space. 

360Quadrants performs detailed SWOT analysis and accurately analyzes the companies selected for evaluation. This assessment enables service providers to learn about new opportunities and trends in the market so that they can identify the strategies needed to grow and expand in the market. 360Quadrants offers a detailed list of top companies and narrows the vendor selection process. 

Animation Software Quadrant Categorization 

360Quadrants evaluated vendors providing Animation software and a few top vendors are categorized as Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies. 

Adobe Animate, Unity, Maya, Autodesk, and Powtoon were recognized as visionary leaders in the animation software space. 

Cheetah 3D Animation and Animaker have been identified as innovators in the animation software space. 

Lightwave 3D, Biteable, and Tumult Hype have been identified as emerging companies in the animation software space. 

Harmony, Keyshot, Viddyoze, Greensock, and Pencil2D have been identified as dynamic differentiators in the animation software space. 

360Quadrants Scoring Method 

Skilled researchers and analysts rated more than 40 top Animation Software companies post high-level research and analysis. This assessment was done depending on parameters divided into product maturity and company maturity and inputs received from buyers and industry professionals. Product maturity is totally dependent on the product range and its features provided by the company. On the other hand, company maturity is dependent on the vendor’s business strategy and geographical footprint. Over 130 parameters were chosen while assessing Animation Software vendors, which are updated every six months. Depending on the weights assigned to each parameter, a rating was assigned for the selected companies. Depending on the ratings assigned, the companies were placed in the relevant quadrant. 

About 360Quadrants 

360Quadrants is the largest marketplace looking to disrupt USD 3.7 trillion of technology spend and is the only rating platform for vendors in the technology space. The platform provides users access to unbiased information that helps them make qualified business decisions. The platform facilitates deeper insights using direct engagement with 650+ industry experts and analysts and allows buyers to discuss their requirements with 7,500 vendors. Companies get to win ideal new customers, customize their quadrants, decide key parameters, and position themselves strategically in niche spaces, to be consumed by giants and start-ups alike. Experts get to grow their brand and increase their thought leadership. The platform targets the building of a social network that links industry experts with companies worldwide.  

360Quadrants will also be launching quadrants in fields such as Learning Management systemDigital Signage Solutions, and Photo Management Software

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