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The company specializes in cybersecurity offerings, which include a wider information protection portfolio such as endpoint data loss prevention solutions, encrypted traffic management, encryption, identity management solutions, and other data security solutions. Symantec Big Data Solution helps organizations, educational institutes, and government organizations to adhere to the federal regulations that make it necessary to retrieve digital data whenever required. Request SYMANTEC Pricing to get more information.


Symantec's advanced threat protection blocks ransomware and protects the data from the most sophisticated email threats and helps gain comprehensive insights into targeted and advanced email attacks. The Symantec Big Data Solution provides a robust data management solution for handling big data workloads in a secured manner.


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  • +13
    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • +5
    Focus on Product Innovation
  • +6
    Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • +9
    Unified Threat Management (Utm)
  • +14
    Product Features and Functionality
  • +7
    Solutions Offered
  • +6
    R&D Spend
  • +14
    New Product Launches
  • +13
    Product Upgradation
  • +7
    Consulting Services
  • +6
    Managed Security Services
  • +8
    Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • +7
    Security Information And Event Management (Siem)
  • +11
    Access Control
  • +14
    Big Data Governance
  • +10
  • +8
    Ability to Expand the Capability
  • +7
    Customer Feedback
  • +12
    Type of Channels
  • +11
    Product Variants
  • -14
    No. of Innovations
  • -12
    Data in Motion
  • -11
    Data in Rest
  • -8
    Support and Maintenance
  • -6
    Product Variants
  • -12
    Backup and Recovery
  • -13
    Security Intelligence
  • -9
    Education and Training
  • -10
    Other Technology Offered
  • -5
    Others (Big Data Customization and Discovery, and Audit and Reporting)
SYMANTEC Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
Symantec operates through significant strategic business units that offer different products and services distinguished by customers’ needs. The company has adopted various business strategies, which include consolidation, standardization and security of big data, and reduced cost and complexity of solutions while complying with both global and local laws, and regulations. This has attracted more number of customers and has helped the company enhance its market reach. Being headquartered in US, the company has a notable presence in the developing regions of Latin America, justifying a good geographic reach and industry coverage. The company’s roadmap includes strategic activities and business decisions, such as mergers, partnerships, and new product launches. Symantec adheres to organic growth strategies, such as new product developments and product enhancements. To maintain its competitive position, it notably focuses on R&D for product development to uphold its market share in the big data security market. The company also has a major focus on inorganic growth strategies, especially the mergers and acquisitions. For instance, the company acquired LifeLock, a notable player in the IAM domain, which has helped the company enhance its customer base and also boost its presence in the identity theft protection industry
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