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A commerce software basically refers to technology that facilitates a transaction to happen. A single commerce software has the potential to offer a single view on all the data across all the business channels which enables the business to tell a reliable story and encourage customers properly. Data from the Commerce software can also deliver key metrics on where to invest the time, money and effort. With the help of a commerce software businesses can design a multi-channel approach to marketing. Commerce software is a broad category that includes a number of important software sun-categories, some of them are: E-commerce Software - It is basically a tool that manages all online store processes, allows business owners in handling inventory, adding or removing products, processes payments, calculates taxes and fulfils orders. ERP Systems – At the most basic level, ERP systems integrate various critical business functions into one complete system in order to reorganize processes and information across the whole organization. Accounting Software – It handles several accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities. It stores a business’ financial information, and is frequently used to accomplish business transactions. Most up-to-date accounting software are continuously connected to the internet which means businesses can connect from any internet enabled device. Retail POS Systems – It is the central constituent for the business. It is basically a hub where everything like sales, inventory and customer management are merged. There are other sub-categories that include: Marketplace Software, Payroll Software, Portals Software, Payment Gateway Software, Pricing Software, Medical Billing Software, Banking Software, Expense Management Software etc.
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