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Internet of Things software permits the creation of connected application ecosystems within the enterprise. Data from multiple devices can be collected and analyzed to identify areas of improvement. IoT devices once installed may need software updates or bug fixes. Sometimes it needs to be replaced or fixed. This may result in downtime. In order to solve this one can effectively manage the devices using IoT Device management. IoT device management is the technique of authenticating, configuring, monitoring, provisioning, and maintaining the software and device firmware that provides its functional capabilities. To maintain the security, health, and connectivity of the IoT devices, effective device management is crucial. Usually, Solutions along with broad device management are also provided by IoT application vendors. Requirements for IoT Device Management Four Basic requirements for IoT Device Management are as follows- 1. Provisioning and Authentication- Provisioning is the method by which a device is enrolling in a system. It has two parts- a) By registering the device, the formation of an initial connection between a device and an IoT solution is done. b) Based on the requirements of the solution, a configuration is done to the device. 2. Configuration and Control- Configuration is one of the vital processes for any device before starting it, the same applies to software devices. Post-deployment, the capability to control and configure devices is critical to ensure certain facets such as functionality, performance, and protection from security threats. 3. Monitoring and Diagnostics- To avoid downtime of the device and to solve the issues, the user needs to identify them first. For that, continuous monitoring of devices is essential. Software with device management helps in diagnosing these issues by continuously logging. 4. Software Updates and Maintenance- As devices are increasing day by day, it is difficult to update all the devices manually. Hence updating and maintaining remote device software securely is one of the most vital components of good device management.
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