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Business Intelligence Software (51 vendors)
Clickstream Analytics Software (24 vendors)
Cognitive Analytics Solutions (49 vendors)
Contact Center Analytics Solutions (25 vendors)
Customer Journey Analytics Software (27 vendors)
Data Analysis Software (37 vendors)
Data Fabric Software (29 vendors)
Data Integration Software (26 vendors)
Data Quality Software (26 vendors)
Data Visualization Software (35 vendors)
Embedded Analytics Software (35 vendors)
Enterprise Metadata Management Software (40 vendors)
Eye Tracking Solutions (25 vendors)
Geospatial Imagery Analytics Software (25 vendors)
GNSS Simulators Solutions (16 vendors)
Healthcare Analytics/Medical Analytics (46 vendors)
High-Resolution Melting Analysis Software (12 vendors)
Industrial Analytics Software (37 vendors)
In-Memory Analytics Software (33 vendors)
IoT Analytics Software (27 vendors)
Legal Analytics Software (18 vendors)
Location Analytics Startups (15 vendors)
Medical Image Analysis Software (25 vendors)
Meter Data Management System (2 vendors)
Network Traffic Analysis Software (25 vendors)
Predictive Analytics Software (168 vendors)
Predictive Maintenance Software (23 vendors)
Predictive Maintenance Startups (39 vendors)
Qualitative Data Analysis Software (13 vendors)
Retail Analytics Software (40 vendors)
Risk Analytics Software (42 vendors)
Social Media Analytics Software (69 vendors)
Spend Analytics Software (38 vendors)
Sports Technology (4 vendors)
Statistical Analysis Software (10 vendors)
Supply Chain Analytics Software (26 vendors)
Supply Chain Analytics Software Startups (25 vendors)
System of Insight Solutions (15 vendors)
Telecom Analytics Software (25 vendors)
Text Analytics Software (29 vendors)
Text-to-Speech Software (2 vendors)
Vehicle Analytics Software (27 vendors)
Video Analytics (36 vendors)
Voice Analytics Software (15 vendors)
Voice Assistant Application Startups (20 vendors)
Wi-Fi Analytics Software (24 vendors)
Audio Editing Software (37 vendors)
Business Process Management Software (17 vendors)
Call Center Software (69 vendors)
Cloud Management Platforms (12 vendors)
CMS Tools (13 vendors)
Collaboration Software (92 vendors)
Computer Aided Dispatch Software (31 vendors)
Correspondence Management System (25 vendors)
Enterprise Video Solutions (27 vendors)
Food Automation (27 vendors)
Industrial Control and Factory Automation Solutions (26 vendors)
Innovation Management Software (32 vendors)
Machine Automation Controller (4 vendors)
Maintenance Management Software (31 vendors)
Mind Mapping Software (24 vendors)
Mining Automation Solutions (25 vendors)
Pharmacy Automation Solutions (13 vendors)
Photo Editing Software (44 vendors)
Process Automation & Instrumentation Solutions (25 vendors)
Product Information Management (PIM) Software (20 vendors)
Productivity Software (86 vendors)
Product Management Software (14 vendors)
Professional Service Automation Software (26 vendors)
Project Management Software (52 vendors)
Proofreading Software (15 vendors)
Quality Management Software (QMS) (26 vendors)
Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions (26 vendors)
Retail Automation (15 vendors)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software (28 vendors)
Route Planning Software (5 vendors)
Speech and Voice Recognition Technology (26 vendors)
Spreadsheets Software (19 vendors)
Terminal Automation (10 vendors)
VoIP Providers (13 vendors)
Web Real-Time Communication Solutions (25 vendors)
Workflow Automation Process (35 vendors)
Workflow Management Software (9 vendors)
Work Management Software (19 vendors)
Work Order Software (10 vendors)
Cloud Backup Solutions (26 vendors)
Cloud Engineering Services (25 vendors)
Cloud Enterprise Content Management Solutions (15 vendors)
Cloud Field Service Management (25 vendors)
Cloud ITSM (25 vendors)
Cloud Project Portfolio Management (23 vendors)
Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) Solutions (42 vendors)
CMMS Software (33 vendors)
Configuration Management Software (32 vendors)
Containers as a Service (25 vendors)
Continuous Integration Tools (17 vendors)
Cryptocurrency (26 vendors)
Data Center Colocation Services (26 vendors)
Desktop Virtualization Software (29 vendors)
Digital Oilfield Solutions (25 vendors)
Digital Transformation Solutions (25 vendors)
Digital Transformation Solutions Startups (22 vendors)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (27 vendors)
ETL Software (34 vendors)
Government Cloud Software (25 vendors)
Hard Drive Cloning Software (15 vendors)
Integration Software (76 vendors)
Load Balancing Software (10 vendors)
Managed Services (45 vendors)
Micro Mobile Data Center Solutions (27 vendors)
Middle East Cloud Infrastructure Services (25 vendors)
Mobile Edge Computing Software (17 vendors)
Modular Data Center (20 vendors)
Multi-Cloud Management Platform (29 vendors)
Network Management Software (18 vendors)
Network Monitoring Software (24 vendors)
Power Monitoring Solutions (25 vendors)
Scale-out NAS (12 vendors)
SDN and NFV Market (25 vendors)
Server Backup Software (2 vendors)
SIEM Software (18 vendors)
Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization Solutions (48 vendors)
Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Solutions (25 vendors)
Version Control Systems (20 vendors)
Virtualization Software (20 vendors)
Virtual Machine Software (29 vendors)
Virtual Private Cloud Software (11 vendors)
Virtual Private Server Software (20 vendors)
Access Control Solutions (30 vendors)
Anomaly Detection Software (23 vendors)
Anti-Drone Technology (26 vendors)
Antivirus Software (40 vendors)
Application Security Solutions (24 vendors)
Automated Border Control System (25 vendors)
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System (25 vendors)
Big Data Security Solutions (25 vendors)
Biometric as a Service (25 vendors)
Cloud Encryption (33 vendors)
Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions (27 vendors)
Cybersecurity Software (62 vendors)
DDoS Protection and Mitigation Solutions (42 vendors)
DDoS Protection and Mitigation Startups (15 vendors)
Digital Identity Solutions (0 vendors)
Digital Signature Solutions (34 vendors)
Email Encryption Solutions (36 vendors)
Emergency Alert Systems (33 vendors)
Encryption Software (59 vendors)
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Software (20 vendors)
Endpoint Security Solutions (19 vendors)
Enterprise Key Management Software (25 vendors)
Facial Recognition Solution (20 vendors)
File Integrity Monitoring Software (30 vendors)
Firewall (17 vendors)
Fraud Detection Software (41 vendors)
Human Identification Products (25 vendors)
Identity and Access Management (130 vendors)
Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions (100 vendors)
Internet of Things (IoT) Security Solutions (18 vendors)
Log Analysis Software (21 vendors)
Mass Notification Systems Solutions (58 vendors)
Messaging Security Solutions (27 vendors)
Mobile Data Security Software (24 vendors)
Mobile Encryption (22 vendors)
Multifactor Authentication (11 vendors)
Network Security Firewall Software (25 vendors)
Next-Generation Firewall (24 vendors)
Passenger Security (10 vendors)
Payment Security Solutions (25 vendors)
Perimeter Security software (26 vendors)
Public Safety and Security Solutions (25 vendors)
Road Safety Solutions (24 vendors)
Sandboxing (19 vendors)
Secure Web Gateways (2 vendors)
Security Advisory Services (13 vendors)
Security as a Service Startups (50 vendors)
SIEM Software (18 vendors)
Smart Lock (26 vendors)
SMS Firewall Software (26 vendors)
SOC as a Service Startups (18 vendors)
Spear Phishing Software (28 vendors)
Threat Intelligence Solutions (29 vendors)
Tokenization Update Solutions (7 vendors)
User Provisioning Software (25 vendors)
Video Encoder (25 vendors)
Video Surveillance as a Service (23 vendors)
Video Surveillance Systems (28 vendors)
Voice Biometrics Solutions (25 vendors)
Web Application Firewall Software (30 vendors)
Zero-Trust Security (0 vendors)
Agriculture Drones Solutions (4 vendors)
Airflow Management System (25 vendors)
Air Quality Monitoring Software (26 vendors)
Ambulatory EHR Sofware (21 vendors)
Augmented Reality Solutions (41 vendors)
Automatic Labeling Machine (2 vendors)
Ball Valves (21 vendors)
Behavioral/Mental Health Software (30 vendors)
Building Management System (18 vendors)
Car Rental Software (14 vendors)
Cloud Gaming Services (0 vendors)
CNC Controller Machine (25 vendors)
Collaborative Robots (28 vendors)
Computer Aided Manufacturing Software (16 vendors)
Computer Vision in Healthcare (3 vendors)
Conveyor Monitoring (3 vendors)
Digital Diabetes Management (2 vendors)
Digital Pathology Products (25 vendors)
Electrical Estimating Software (3 vendors)
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (20 vendors)
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Startups (47 vendors)
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software (166 vendors)
EMS Software (12 vendors)
Event Management Software (28 vendors)
Fall Detection System (25 vendors)
Farm Management Software (40 vendors)
Field Device Management (6 vendors)
Fleet Maintenance Software (3 vendors)
Fluid Handling System (25 vendors)
Geofencing Solutions (30 vendors)
Gym Management Software (25 vendors)
Healthcare BPO Services (25 vendors)
Healthcare Contract Management Software (3 vendors)
Healthcare EDI Solutions (27 vendors)
Healthcare Education Solutions (4 vendors)
Healthcare Interoperability Solutions (10 vendors)
Healthcare IT Consulting Services (28 vendors)
Healthcare Quality Management Software (26 vendors)
Hospital Management Software (20 vendors)
Hotel Management Software (38 vendors)
HVAC Software (20 vendors)
Hydraulic Cylinder (25 vendors)
Indoor Location Software (26 vendors)
Industrial Hose Material (26 vendors)
Industrial Safety (4 vendors)
Industrial Services (25 vendors)
Industrial Valves (12 vendors)
Infusion Pump Software (1 vendors)
Inventory Management Software (21 vendors)
Label Printing Software (11 vendors)
Learning Management System (54 vendors)
Legal Practice Management Software (6 vendors)
LIMS Software (41 vendors)
Location of Things Solutions (36 vendors)
Logistics Software (20 vendors)
Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software (14 vendors)
Manufacturing Software (33 vendors)
Medical Imaging Workstations (1 vendors)
mHealth Solutions (34 vendors)
Mining Software (22 vendors)
Motor Monitoring (4 vendors)
Nanosatellite and Microsatellite Solutions (25 vendors)
Oilfield Communications Solutions (28 vendors)
Operating Room Management Solutions (28 vendors)
Operational Technology (11 vendors)
Outdoor Power Equipment (3 vendors)
Patient Engagement Solutions (30 vendors)
Patient Registry Software (25 vendors)
Pest Control Software (22 vendors)
Pharmacy Management Systems (22 vendors)
Precision Medicine Software (2 vendors)
Preventive Maintenance Software (20 vendors)
Print Management Software (11 vendors)
Property Management Software (27 vendors)
Radiation Dose Management (16 vendors)
Restaurant Management Software (6 vendors)
Safety Valves (3 vendors)
Salon Software (30 vendors)
Shipping Software (6 vendors)
Single Loop Controller (4 vendors)
Smart Harvest (2 vendors)
Steam Trap (13 vendors)
Substation Monitoring System (27 vendors)
Telecom Managed Services (28 vendors)
Telehealth Software (0 vendors)
Terminal Management System (11 vendors)
TOC Analyzer Solutions (25 vendors)
Total Station Solutions (25 vendors)
Transportation Management Software (25 vendors)
Variable Rate Technology (VRT) (25 vendors)
Vendor Management Software (7 vendors)
Vibration Monitoring Solutions (25 vendors)
Virtual Fitting Room Startups (17 vendors)
VRF System (25 vendors)
Warehouse Management System (36 vendors)
Winery Software (11 vendors)
Why 360Quadrants
We’re disrupting global technology spend 360Quadrants provides you with access to the unbiased information about vendors in multiple technology spaces.The platform enables you to compare and connect to vendors. The platform facilitates deeper insight using direct engagement with industry experts and analysts. 360Quadrants aims at reducing the B2B buying cycle by facilitating the decision making to be faster and smarter.
How 360Quadrants works
360Quadrants is the only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced insights. Four perspectives and a white-box methodology make it unbiased. Fine-grained market niches and granular, personalized selection criteria make it yours.
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