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A sales software basically enables businesses to restructure, enhance and speed up the complete lifespan of selling their products. It offers an assurance that sales representatives have access to tools and features that allow them achieve their key performance sales indices. Sales software allows businesses to handle all the facets of the sales cycle right from initial inquiries and orders, all the way to billing and compensation. It is usually post sales, that the CRM continues communication with customers via promotions and regular interaction. There are a host of benefits of implementing a sales software that include data analytics, sales activity report, order to payment etc. Sales software guarantees that all the prospects and customer data are stored in one place. This helps in minimizing data repetition and helps to design an integrated approach to sales management. There are multiple varieties of sales software in the market that include CRM Software, Sales Intelligence, Sales analytics, Sales Acceleration etc. Marketing software enables businesses to effectively implement campaigns, tap into their target markets and change leads into sales. Companies, irrespective of their size, can profit from marketing tools, enabling them to enhance their resources and eliminate monotonous tasks. Marketing software is critical, because it: Reduces Monotonous Tasks, Rationalizes Marketing Efforts, and Enhances Accountability and Makes Customer Management Easier. Some of the common features include Real-Time Alerts, Lead Management, Campaign Management and Analytics. Marketing Software can be broadly classified into five types: Customer Relationship Management Software, Email Marketing Software, Marketing Automation Software, Social Media Marketing Software and Marketing Analytics Software.
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