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With the development of more advanced technology, cybercriminals have also found different ways to get into the system of many organizations. Meanwhile, more and more businesses are now depending on their vital operations on software products, the importance of software security must be considered as a priority. Reliable protection such as IT security software is important to safeguard your computing environments and data. Both government and big corporations have become victims of cyber threats. In fact, small and medium-sized organizations have also become victims of cybercrime over the past few years. SMBs are also used as a gateway by cybercriminals to infiltrate larger organizations using their direct and indirect business relationships. As per U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it was found that approximately more than half of the small businesses suffered from cyber-attack, resulting in most of the business closures within six months. Cybersecurity is a severe concern that the entire business community shares due to its high cost. Different types of Security Software- • Firewall- The term “firewall” refers to the specific defense systems for a single computing device or computer network. It can filter data that enters or leaves a computer or network by hindering or curbing network ports from viruses and hackers. • Antivirus- This software is designed to avoid, search, detect and remove malicious software or malware such as viruses, worms, scareware, and Trojans. With the continuous onslaught of new viruses, these programs are often updated to allow the system to check new threats. • Spyware detection- Spyware, also known as malware and adware, are software programs installed on your computer without your consent. Anti-Spyware software is generally used to spot their presence on your computer or network and avoid or remove their installations. • Password protection- It is one of the most popular and highly used methods to prevent unauthorized access to a computer, file, folder, and system is protecting it with a password.
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