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Collaboration and productivity software enhances the way businesses interact, establish information and projects, and create ideas. The software restructures critical tasks and enhances employee efficiency. Collaboration basically helps in sharing, processing and handling files, documents and other types of data amongst various users and/or systems. This type of software typically allows two or more remote users to collaboratively work on a task or project. One of the major purpose of the Collaboration software is to improve productivity inside a group of individuals and, more precisely, within organizations. With collaboration software, each user make a workspace and add data or workflows to it. The workspace can be viewed and accessed by all other users, irrespective of their physical location, and can be authorized access to the workspace by its main user. Collaboration Software can broadly have three main functions: Shared access to information, Information storage and Knowledge management. Various types of Collaboration software include Communication, Conferencing, and Coordination etc. The Collaboration Software helps businesses with Internal Communication System, File-Sharing, and Content Creation etc. Productivity software is a part of application programs that allows users to create documents, databases, reports, Gantt charts etc. The characterization of productivity software is at times extended to comprise any kind of application that is used to enable people do their jobs, including collaboration and communication programs. The very reason it’s called productivity software is because the objective of these applications is to help people specifically those who work in an office, to be more dynamic in the job they’re doing. There are various types of Productivity Software available in the market, some of them are: Project management – These are extensively used in businesses and organizations. They are perfect for managing projects, as well as for handling the routine operations of a company. One of their more critical features is that they provide visualization of a workflow process which facilitates easier allocation, coordination and listing of tasks and projects. Database management systems – It helps businesses in creating and managing a database. They are a useful in storing information, since they have been are designed to hold a huge collection of structured data that can be accessed by several users with optimal speed and negligible processing expense. Time tracking – It helps users, in tracking the time spent by them on various tasks. Usually used by businesses who hire freelancers or workers who are payable by the hour, they can also be used as separate products or integrated with other software applications.
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